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Internazionale | 29.04.2017

Annalisa Camilli

A Gaeta è una giornata di sole, i battaglioni della guardia di finanza sono schierati davanti al mare sulla terrazza della caserma Bausan, stretta tra il golfo e la cittadina fortificata. In mare le due motovedette che l’Italia restituirà alla guardia costiera libica si esibiscono in caroselli a sirene spiegate. Un elicottero sorveglia la parata. Il ministro dell’interno Marco Minniti è arrivato da Roma per assistere alla riconsegna alla guardia costiera libica di due motovedette. Erano state donate dall’Italia alla Libia nel 2009, ma erano state danneggiate nel 2011 durante la guerra in Libia, e restituite agli italiani nel 2012.

“Entro l’anno ne saranno consegnate in tutto dieci”, dice il ministro, che nel suo discorso definisce la guardia costiera libica “la più importante struttura nel Nordafrica” per il controllo dell’immigrazione irregolare. Poco dopo, Minniti consegna i diplomi ai venti cadetti libici che hanno seguito un corso di addestramento a Gaeta per tre settimane. Altri diciannove saranno formati nelle prossime settimane dalla scuola nautica della guardia di finanza, per un totale di quattro equipaggi.

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borderline-europe Sizilien | 28.04.2017

Derzeit findet in Italien eine massive Medienhetze gegen die zivilen Seenotrettungs-Organisationen im Mittelmeer statt. Nicht nur Frontex, auch Staatsanwaltschaften und Politiker*innen versuchen, die NGOs zu diskreditieren. Eine Lagebeschreibung aus Italien

Judith Gleitze

Es ist eine unerträgliche Heuchelei, vor allem, wenn diese Angriffe von jemandem kommen, der eine politische Rolle bekleidet […] Die Existenz der „Schmuggler“, des kriminellen Systems, das diese Überfahrten der Migrant*innen nach Europa in den meisten der Fälle organisiert, sind eine direkte Folge der europäischen und der nationalen Migrationspolitiken (und dies seit dem Schengener Abkommen 1985).“ So Antonio Cinieri auf seinem Blog „Migrazioni“ (5).

Seit öffentlich wurde, dass nicht nur Frontex gegen die NGOs schießt, die im Mittelmeer Menschenleben retten, ist das Thema in Italien hochgekocht. Die italienische Staatsanwaltschaft, hier federführend Carmelo Zuccaro aus Catania (aber auch die Staatsanwaltschaften in Palermo und Cagliari untersuchen die Zusammenhänge NGOs-Libyen), betont immer wieder, es gebe Anzeichen dafür, dass „einige NGOs und die Trafficker in Libyen in direktem Kontakt stehen“. Man sei „ziemlich sicher“, so Zuccaro, dass das stimme (4).

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Libya Herald | 29.04.2017

NATO is to send a team to Libya to help re-build state institutions, according to Jens Stoltenberg, the organisation’s Secretary-General.

He made announcement at a press conference following talks in Rome this week between himself and Italian premier Paulo Gentiloni.

The support aims at the creation of a modern ministry of defence, a joint chief of staff organisation and intelligence services. These were described by the Secretary-General as “crucial” to stabilising Libya.

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Welt | 29.04.2017

Läuft alles weiter wie bisher, könnten bis zum Jahresende 485.000 ausreisepflichtige Menschen in Deutschland wohnen. Der Bund will das verhindern – und sucht nun Personal, um die Länder zu unterstützen.

Die Bundesregierung will die Abschiebung abgelehnter Asylbewerber vorantreiben. Das geht aus der Beschlussvorlage für ein Treffen von Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) mit den Ministerpräsidenten am Donnerstag hervor. Laut dem Papier, das der „Welt“ vorliegt, ist dafür eine „nationale Kraftanstrengung“ notwendig. Für die Umsetzung sucht die Bundesregierung nun nach Beamten, die das Vorhaben freiwillig für einige Zeit unterstützen, berichtet das Magazin „Der Spiegel“.

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The Guardian | 28.04.2017

Frustration mounts among locals on the Greek island, where refugees feel like prisoners with no hope of getting to mainland Europe

Helena Smith

On a clear day the channel dividing Chios from the Turkish coast does not look like a channel at all. The nooks and crevices of Turkey’s western shores, its wind turbines and summer homes could, to the naked eye, be a promontory of the Greek island itself. For the men, women and children who almost daily make the crossing in dinghies and other smuggler craft, it is a God-given proximity, the gateway to Europe that continues to lure.

Samuel Aneke crossed the sea almost a year ago on 1 June. Like those before him, and doubtless those who will follow, he saw the five-mile stretch as the last hurdle to freedom. “You could say geography brought me here,” said the Nigerian, a broad smile momentarily dousing his otherwise dour demeanour. “But it was not supposed to keep me prisoner.”

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Libya Herald | 29.04.2017

Libya refused international requests to strike migrant smuggling militias: GNA Foreign Minister Siala

By Sami Zaptia

Presidency Council / Government of National Accord (PC/GNA) foreign minister Mohamed Siala has admitted that Libya had received ‘‘international requests’’ to carry out ‘‘military strikes within Libya against militias’’ engaged in smuggling illegal migrants. But Libya had refused, he stated. Siala was speaking in London today during the recording of the BBC Media Action’s Hiwar Mushtarak (Joint Debate) programme for the BBC Arabic service. The episode, which follows a Question Time format of panelists answering a live-recorded studio audience, was debating the issue of Libya’s illegal migration.

The foreign minister, who was one of the panelists, conceded that Libyan militias were behind the illegal migration trade and that the international community knew exactly who they were and where they were based. They also knew their Thuraya satellite phones and listened to their calls. However, he said that Libya had ‘‘refused’’ to grant international requests to strike at them within Libya in order to ‘‘save any further Libyan bloodshed’’. Answering a number of searching questions from a majority-Libyan audience, Siala insisted that Libya ‘‘would not be Europe’s policeman”. Europe had “to accept its responsibilities. Libya must not defend Europe’s borders’’. He also suggested that Europe, rather than Libya, should pay for the proposed sophisticated electronic southern border security system. Weiterlesen »

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Réalités | 28.04.2017

Les employés des compagnies pétrolières dans le désert de Tataouine ont lancé ce matin un appel aux sitinneurs dans la zone de  Kamour pour leur permettre de les laisser passer.

Les employés ont demandé leur évacuation de la zone car ils manquent de nourriture, d’eau et de médicaments outre la chaleur étouffante dans la région.

Dans une déclaration accordée à une radio privée, Walid Turki, un des employés a affirmé que leur situation est difficile et que certains de ses collègues n’arrivent pas à rejoindre leurs familles. Weiterlesen »

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Refugees Deeply | 26.04.2017

For almost a year, the Polish Border Guard has been turning away most Chechens and other asylum seekers arriving on the border with Belarus. The E.U. has kept largely silent – and has its own interest in keeping the bloc’s eastern border shut.

Claudia Ciobanu

WARSAW, POLAND – On Europe’s eastern frontier, the Polish border guard has been turning away an increasing number of asylum seekers, many from the repressive Russian republic of Chechnya, with little protest from European leaders.

For years, the Terespol border has been a main entry point for Chechens, Tajiks and others from the post-Soviet region to cross from Belarus into Poland and reach E.U. territory.

Chechens make up the largest number of asylum seekers at the border, and their numbers increased significantly last year, reportedly because of heightened repression ahead of last September’s Chechen election.

Yet no matter how many try to cross the border, the Polish border guards allow an average of two refugee families to enter Poland at Terespol per day, human rights groups estimate.

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The Guardian | 28.04.2017

Cédric Herrou is a farmer who supports and houses African refugees in the alpine village of Breil-Sur-Roya in southern France. Some regard him as a heroic good samaritan, but others – including the French border police and state prosecutor – denounce him as the leader of a band of smugglers, bringing migrants from Italy into France while flouting official border controls. As Cedric moves from one prosecution to another, why do he and his fellow activists feel compelled to defy the authorities?

Herrou’s olive farm lies in a picturesque valley on France’s Italian border near a popular route for refugees trying to slip past border controls. Since the French government tightened security along the coastal route into France, refugees began climbing up the valley seeking a new route in, appearing suddenly on the sides of roads or in local villages. Since then, Cédric’s farm has become home to an unofficial camp for an ever-changing set of young refugees and who climb up the valley where he lives.

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BBC | 28.04.2017

This year alone over 40,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean, many of them are Nigerians. The BBC’s Martin Patience has been to Nigeria’s Benin City where many of the migrants start their journey.

It was the most difficult decision Kelvin Imasuen ever made – he would risk everything in a bid to reach Europe.

„I just had the belief I would get there,“ he told me, sitting outside his mother’s dilapidated home on the outskirts of Benin City.

But he was to learn the cost of the dangerous journey in the most devastating way.

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