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Quelle: Zeit Online

Auf Lesbos soll Europas drängendstes Problem gelöst werden: Griechenland soll alle Flüchtlinge in die Türkei schicken. Das ist die Idee – wie sieht die Realität aus?

Von Merlind Theile, Lesbos

Heute ist ein guter Tag für den griechischen Migrationsminister, denn heute schmeißen sie in Moria keine Steine auf ihn. Beim letzten Mal war das noch anders. Als Ioannis Mouzalas Ende April das Flüchtlingscamp auf Lesbos besuchte, brach im Lager ein Aufstand aus. Flüchtlinge, zu Tausenden seit Wochen eingesperrt, legten Feuer, schrien nach Freiheit und randalierten. Polizei, Tränengas, Festnahmen. Bei Mouzalas’ Blitzbesuch am vergangenen Freitag aber: alles ruhig.

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13. Mai 2016 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Ägpten, Italien: Boat-people aus diversen Ländern · Kategorien: Ägypten, Italien · Tags:

Aswat Masriya

Egyptians among new wave of migrants to Italy – officials

By Reuters

ROME, May 13 (Reuters) – Hundreds of migrants were brought to Italy on Friday having been rescued from the sea over the past day, however the majority were not Syrian, as previously reported, but came from a variety of countries, officials said.

The Italian coast guard, which orchestrated various rescue missions on Thursday, initially said most of the new arrivals appeared to be from Syria — a sign that Middle East refugees were shifting their route into Europe away from Greece.

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Helmut Dietrich: Das Jahr V der arabischen Revolution – Beispiel Tunesien.
In: Sozial.Geschichte Online 18 (2016), S. 99–117

Year Five of the Arab Revolution – the Exemple of Tunisia

It is time to take stock: how far-reaching are the changes prompted by the Arabellion? What historiographical and socio-geographical changes of perspective are needed to grasp the ongoing societal transformation in the Mediterranean region? Can flight and immigration to Europe be understood as part of a larger rebellious decampment? What role does violence play within the contradictory self-activity of society? On the basis of these questions, one can outline a contemporary history that is no longer characterized by “revolt as a form of negotiation,” but rather by a widening rift between society and the state. The Tunisian example is used to show how the architecture of the state and the austerity policies of the IMF, while displaying a certain continuity, have lost their social foundation. The collapse of the coast guard, the breakdown of the informer network, and the participation of the lower middle classes in the poverty-driven 2011 revolt are indicative of this. With the “war on terror,” a new structure of domination is emerging. The middle-class adolescents flocking to the “Islamic State” seek to gain control over the fluctuating groups of social rebels, jihadists, and militias. The instruments employed by the “Islamic State” derive from the Iraqi intelligence agency and the young high-tech community.

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386 personnes migrantes renvoyées vers la Turquie depuis l’accord UE-Turquie du 20 mars 2016 (source: Ministère des Affaires étrangères turc)


386 migrants were sent back to Turkey since EU-Turkey agreement on March 20 (source: Turkish Foreign Ministry)

Quelle: Turkish Weekly

Turkey readmitted 386 irregular migrants since March 20: Foreign Ministry

March deal with the European Union, almost 400 illegal immigrants have been readmitted to Turkey so far, the spokesperson for the Turkish Foreign Ministry has announced, noting that 125 Syrians have been resettled in five EU countries under the same deal.

“Within the framework of the agreement with the EU, 386 irregular migrants have been readmitted to Turkey from five Greek islands. Of those, 14 of them were Syrians and a vast majority was other countries’ citizens,” Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Tanju Bilgiç told reporters at a press conference on May 9.

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Quelle: Human Rights Watch

Border Lock-Down Puts Syrian Lives at Risk

(Istanbul) – Turkish border guards are shooting and beating Syrian asylum seekers trying to reach Turkey, resulting in deaths and serious injuries, Human Rights Watch said today. The Turkish authorities should stop pushing Syrian asylum seekers back at the border and should investigate all use of excessive force by border guards.

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13. Mai 2016 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Refugees deported to Turkey given no opportunity to apply for asylum · Kategorien: Türkei

What Merkel, Tusk and Timmermans should have seen during their visit to Turkey

Report from GUE/NGL Delegation to Turkey, May 2-4, 2016

A delegation of three GUE/NGL MEPs to Turkey last week found that refugees who have been deported from Europe back to Turkey under the EU-Turkey deal are not being given any opportunity to apply for asylum.

The delegation also found that all refugees in the ‚removal centres‘ in Turkey were locked in prison-style conditions with no (or extremely limited) access to telephones or legal assistance.

The delegation spoke directly with numerous refugees as well as with Turkish authorities at the removal centres in Kırklareli and Edirne; and with refugees, international organisations, NGOs and volunteers in Istanbul, Gaziantep and Kilis (next to the Turkey-Syria border).

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13. Mai 2016 · Kommentare deaktiviert für IOM: Niger Opens Migrant Information Office in Agadez · Kategorien: Sahara · Tags:

Niger – IOM Niger has inaugurated a migrant information office in the town of Agadez in the Sahara, a hub for West African migrants travelling to Libya, Algeria and Europe.  The office was formally opened by IOM Council Chair Ambassador Bertrand De Crombrugghe of Belgium.

The office will provide information and counselling to potential migrants, migrants in transit and returnees to Niger. The initiative is part of IOM’s Migrant Resource and Response Mechanism (MRRM) and is funded by the European Union and UK DFID.

It aims to improve migrants’ understanding of the risks and dangers associated with irregular migration and how to migrate in a safer and regular way. It also points migrants towards available legal migration channels and educates them on their rights and obligations, as well as those of States. It can also provide direct assistance. This week it identified and assisted a victim of trafficking from Nigeria.

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Quelle: La Repubblica

Sicilia, soccorsi mille migranti partiti dall’Egitto. Frontex: „In Italia più arrivi che in Grecia“/Commenta

Sono in arrivo su navi mercantili e mezzi della Guardia costiera, che li hanno prelevati nel mare tra la Libia e Lampedusa. L’Ue blocca la richiesta di controlli in Austria


ALERMO – Nel giorno del salvataggio di quasi mille migranti nel Canale di Sicilia, Frontex dà i dati dell’emergenza: lo scorso aprile il numero degli arrivi in Italia ha superato, per la prima volta dal giugno del 2015, quello degli arrivi in Grecia. Secondo l’agenzia per il controllo delle frontiere esterne dell’Ue, in Grecia sono stati circa 2700 (il 90% in meno rispetto al mese precedente) mentre quelli registrati nel Mediterraneo centrale sono stati 8370. Una migrazione che spaventa soprattutto i Paesi confinanti come l’Austria: proprio oggi l’Ue ha bloccato la richiesta di controlli di frontiera al Brennero che violerebbero il trattato di Shengen.

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State of Play of Hotspot capacity


D’habitude, les états d’avancement hotspots paraissent tous les mois, mais cette fois, deux documents sont parus à 8 jours d’intervalle (3 mai puis 11 mai). Ce qui change: augmentation du personnel Frontex …


The Hotspots States of play are usually published every month but in May, two documents were published only 8 days apart (3 May and 11 May). What’s new? More Frontex staff …