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Quelle: The Libya Observer

Tens of drowned bodies found off Libyan shores

Libyan Coast Guard found Friday tens of drowned bodies of migrants, who are likely to be from Eritrea and Niger, off Al-Garaboulli shores, 75 km eastern Tripoli.

The Head of Coast Guard in Al-Garaboulli, Abdullatif Al-Munser, said the decomposed bodies that came ashore Al-Garaboulli suggest that the boat, which those migrants were on, drowned days ago.

He added that it is very difficult to identify the dead migrants as their bodies are totally decomposed, yet he said they are probably from Eritrea and Niger.

Recently, media reports warned of the resumption of the illegal immigration boat trips to Europe via the Libyan coast with the start of spring, which is regarded as a good time for migration by sea.

Western media reports also indicated that there are at least 300 thousand immigrants in Libya waiting to seize a chance to cruise for Europe on the human-traffickers’ death boats.

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