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Yesterday (friday) we learned that there are reports about the shipwrecks of Sunday („400“) by the crew of the container ship „Santa Giorgina“ (flag: Liberia, captain Pawel Banys) of the ship company Claus Peter Offen (Hermann J. Klein) at Hamburg. The crew is apparently shocked and over-exertet, for the many rescue operations of the container ship. They demand, with their ship company, more state rescue operations in the mediterranean, and yesterday the german sea crew confederation wrote a letter to the german cancellor office with this demand.

First of all we have to clarify if last Sunday there have been
a. – 1 shipwreck of 1 boat with ca 550 people (ca 150 rescued, 400 dead), or
b. – 2 shipwrecks of 4 boats they travelled together, with in summary ca 550 people (ca 150 rescued, 400 dead), (ffm-online), or
c. – 3 or more shipwrecks, combination of these mentioned shipwrecks, in different zones, with 600 or more deads.

The crew of the „Santa Giorgina“ reports, with video documentation:

They anchered Sunday morning at the port of Al Chums (Libya), when they received a little bit before 12 h the SOS signal of Rome, of the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) . Their ship has been the nearest, and they travelled immediately to the shipwreck(s). At 14:30 h they saw two objects, in a distance of 4 miles. When they arrived at 15 h, they saw only 2 sinking rubber dinghies (zodiacs) without people, and sandales, rucksacks , At 16 h, the SOS center at Rome gave new instructions to go on in northern direction. They found an italian rescue ship of the Guardia di Finanza with rescued people, with a big chaos, and participated in joint rescue operations and in people transport activities.

The german mass media TV (ZDF) spoke yesterday evening that nobody of these 2 sinking rubber dinghies was rescued, all people died. ZDF

If it is true, the other version about sinking ship(s) on Sunday are wrong: There have been the often quoted reports, that the boat(s) sank when the rescue ship came and when all boat-people went, excited, to one side of the boat. Or there have been more shipwrecks on Sunday in different zones.

Hermann J. Klein, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the mentioned ship company, defend all rescue operations at sea. He praises the energy of the crew and says: One working day of this container ships costs 15.000 Euro. The „Santa Giorgina“ operated two days as recue ship. „With 420 rescued people we have in such case a sum of 50 until 100 Euro for one human life. It would be absurd to use such calculations as basis for a rescue operation.“


In the food counter, it was not without conflict. But the crew could all troubles mastering

The Hamburg container ship “Santa Giorgina” has amongst Libya and Malta 420 men and women salvaged. The minutes of an emergency.

Khoms / Hamburg. It was a routine trip to the Hamburg container ship “Santa Giorgina” need to break last weekend. The 181-meter-long freighter Reederei Claus-Peter Offen was in the Libyan port city a-Chums. There paperwork such as olive oil, tuna and dates are exported. From Libya it need to go to Italy and Greece.

But then reached last Sunday, twelve clock, captain Pawel Banys the maritime distress of an Italian authority. The Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) based in Rome named on to rescue refugees guessed from the Mediterranean in distress. It conforms to the international standards that the closest ship rushes to assist these folks. And that was on Sunday the “Santa Giorgina”.

prompt requires the Polish captain program for a place in the Mediterranean among Libya and Malta. 4 crew members occupy the lookout and uncover around 14.thirty clock in fairly calm seas into 4 miles off two huge products. As it turns out shortly thereafter, there are two battered boats (Zodiacs) with empty air hoses. Backpacks and sandals are the final remnants of individuals refugees of their whereabouts probably no trace.

counter sixteen clock the Italian Authority calls on the “Santa Giorgina”, with leading speed another place in the Mediterranean to manage. It is currently dark when the captain triggers following a initial contact with the Italian Coast Guard standard alarm. All the lights come on, the countdown begins for the rescue perform. During the 22-member crew ejects ladders and starts to protect hygienic factors with face masks and gloves, no one knows how numerous refugees will need to recover. With the German container ship is only one particular boat “Guardia di Finanza” in this place. At wind force 3 to 4, the 1st a hundred refugees climb very first in the Coast Guard vessel. So they can get much better more than the conductors in the more substantial Hamburg ship.

No sooner are the very first women, guys and children brought aboard the vessel, it comes to blows among the refugees. A tiny later, attempt the passengers of a third broken refugee boat to board the “Santa Giorgina”. It comes to panic, men and women fall into the water and need to be rescued by the crew. The Extended Day Closes the group counts rescued 420 passengers. Her overall health is partly negative. Towards hypothermia get emergency slides.

They commit the night in the tightest conditions on the aft deck. Monday morning commences at 9 clock even now peaceful, be distributed as food and drinks. But at 10 clock the crew should interrupt the output supplies for half an hour because the men beat the rice and meat rations. “It was an aggressive behavior of refugees between themselves,” <„p_7“ p class => quoted the captain, in his report to the shipping company.

Shortly following 17 clock reaches the container ship finally the Sicilian port of Augusta, all refugees brought ashore.

All? To 19.24 clock quoted Pawel Banys that two men and women are missing – the search for the “stowaways” starts. But so far none has been discovered on board. On April 14, .fifty five clock, the ship overtook a renewed command for refugee rescue. The good news is, one more requires above Freighter this task, so that the “Santa Giorgina” can return to the unloading method to Libya.

As for the modest group has completed all that brings Hermann J. Klein, Chief Working Officer (COO) of Reederei Claus-Peter Offen, so in a nutshell: “This kind of a use is an intense bodily and emotional tension, the crew has accomplished a actually extraordinary and it acted in accordance with the shipping business philosophy to save namely, what to. can be saved, and to minimize suffering. “

The’ll never ever set off in cash. The use of this kind of a ship would value about 15,000 euros per day. The “Santa Giorgina” was two days in use. “At 420, you get rescued in this situation to an volume of about 50 to 100 euros per human life. It would be absurd to make such a calculation on the basis of a bailout.”

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