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March Overthefortress, 25th-29th March 2016

From Italy to the Greek Macedonian Border

The solidarity campaign #overthefortress is promoting a group trip to Greece with the aim to bring concrete solidarity to the migrants locked in Idomeni. Departure from the port of Ancona on the 25th of March, return to Italy on the 29th of March.

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  • Friday_25th of March
    h. 11.30 a.m. press conference at Molo Santa Maria, port of Ancona
    h. 13.30 a.m. ferry’s departure
  • Saturday_26th of March Arrival in Greece
    Idomeni, border between Greece and Macedonian Republic
    Set up of point #overthefortress and distribution of the necessity goods collected.
  • Sunday_27th of March
    Meetings with the Greek organizations, which support migrants (the program is in progress)
  • Monday_28th of March
    h. 03.00 p.m. transfer to the Igoumenitsa Port
  • Tuesday_29th of March
    h. 04.30 p.m. arrival to Ancona

Info: mail: overthefortress@meltingpot.org – Tel. 338.3933853 (ita) / 338.2921375 (eng)

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