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The Guardian | 04.11.2017

Thousands of refugees are living in squalid conditions on Samos, and a diagnosis of illness could be a ticket to getting out

Giorgos Christides and Olga Stefatou in Samos, Greece

Eida was two months pregnant when she suffered a miscarriage.

A month later, the 18-year-old Syrian refugee still feels angry and despondent. Not just that she lost a child. But that being pregnant was her ticket off the Greek island of Samos – and out of a squalid, barren, barb-wired camp.

The young woman is one of around 3,000 refugees in Samos, one of the five Greek “hotspot” islands in the eastern Aegean Sea, designated by the EU to act as a barricade against massive irregular migrant arrivals from Turkey.

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Spiegel TV | 11.2017

Es sind menschenunwürdige Bedingungen: Afrikanische Landarbeiter wohnen ohne Wasser und Strom im italienischen Ghetto „Borgo Mezzanone“. Der Vorwurf der Staatsanwaltschaft: Versklavung.

Ein Film von David Walden

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ESPMI Network | 11.2017

Refugee Review

Volume III
Special Focus: Refugees and Labour

Welcome to the third edition of Refugee Review, an open-source, peer-reviewed journal that aims to showcase unique perspectives and emerging voices in refugee studies. In this edition, we are pleased to present 18 academic articles, practitioner reports and multimedia pieces that cover a range of issues impacting refugees and migrants. In a moment in time where the number of forcibly displaced persons is at the highest on record, and the question of accepting refugees has become a central topic in political discourse in many regions of the world, we consider it more important than ever to offer nuanced, critical perspectives on refugees and the challenges they face.

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AP | 03.11.2017

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Authorities in Greece and Turkey say at least three people have died and several more are believed to be missing after a boat carrying migrants from Turkey sank off the Greek island of Kalymnos.

The Greek coast guard said 15 people were rescued and one body was recovered after the wooden boat sank in mild weather conditions before dawn Friday. Two other bodies believed to be from the same vessel were found by the Turkish coast guard.

A search for the missing migrants continued in Greek waters.

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Insgesamt haben Schiffe der Mission Sophia/Eunavfor Med bei insgesamt drei Einsätzen 263 Boat People retten können. Ein Schlauchboot ist gekentert, dabei sind 23 Menschen ums Leben gekommen, deren Leichen geborgen wurden. Wahrscheinlich gibt es einige Vermisste.

Il Fatto Quotidiano | 03.11.2017

Migranti, si rovescia un gommone nel mar Mediterraneo: 23 morti, salvate 263 persone

Nell’operazione recuperate altre 64 persone, ma potrebbero esserci dei dispersi. Ad accorgersi dell’imbarcazione al largo delle coste libiche era stato un elicottero che stava perlustrando la zona

Ventitré morti, oltre sessanta persone salvate e probabilmente alcuni dispersi. È il bilancio dell’ultimo naufragio nelle acque del Mediterraneo. La nave spagnola Cantabria ha recuperato i corpi di 23 persone che hanno perso la vita dopo il ribaltamento di un gommone diretto verso le coste italiane. Ad accorgersi dell’imbarcazione al largo delle coste libiche era stato un elicottero che stava perlustrando la zona.

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