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The Libya Observer | 21.04.2017

Mahmoud Jibril’s liberal party wants armed brigades to take strict stances against UN envoy to Libya

The National Forces Alliance demanded on Thursday tough measures against the head of UN Mission in Libya Martin Kobler for his “bias and unaccepted violations.”

The liberal party, headed by former chairman of the Executive Board of National Transitional Council Mahmoud Jibril, accused in a statement Martin Kobler of attempting to settle immigrants in Libya.

Martin Kobler urged the international community in his briefing to the UN Security Council on Wednesday to move beyond containment, saying “the focus on the fight against terrorism and migration alone is not enough.”
“He has exceeded all limits of his powers and he is no longer eligible to continue in his position,” the party said.

It called on all Libyan political rivals, military leaders, politicians, armed factions, and civil society institutions to take strict stances against Kobler, saying “he has started serving the project of African migrants’ settlement in Libya more than serving the Libyan cause.”

Martin Kobler orchestrated a political agreement between Libyan political rivals in December 2015, but the fragile agreement failed to get the needed consensus, causing more division and chaos in the country.

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