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Transnational demonstration against the the EU border regime and its actualization in the prisons and the militarized border of Hungary!

April 15th, Röszke/Horgos border crossing


The Hungarian state continues to take an especially visible role in the deathly puzzly of Fortress Europe, guarding capitalist means of production in white hands. As the latest piece in the puzzle on March 15th the state passed legal changes on March 15th which mean that ALL people seeking asylum will be detained in prison-containers at the Hungarian-Serbian border. It also means that the only place to apply for asylum is in the two transit zone-prions at the border, where only 10 people per day can enter. Everybody who enters the country through other parts of the fence – proud private property of the Hungarian state– can be pushed back from the whole territory of Hungary to the Serbian side of the fence again.

The push-backs, which are nothing less than legalized state violence, are already happening since the fence was built in September 2015. Day for day people get beaten up, humiliated, attacked with dogs and robbed by the police in their attempts to cross the border. Without even the need for masking, the special unit of the police in charge of this violence is called the border hunter unit. 2 months of ‘training’ are enough to be equipped with weapons and sent to the borders, with the licence to protect white supremacy, at the frontiers of fascist Europe.

  • NO to the prisons guarding white Europe!
  • NO to the web of violence and militarized borders!
  • NO to the criminalization of migration!
  • NO to the legalization and normalization of fascist politics!

PROTEST on the 15th of April on the Hungarian side of the border, at the Röszke/Horgos border crossing! Further directions later:


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