18. März 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Greetings from the Frontex office in Catania, Sicily · Kategorien: Italien · Tags: ,

In context of the action day of 18M we visited the Frontex office in Catania this morning.

Here you also find Europol, EASO und Eunavfor Med, together they build the „European Union Regional Task Force (EURTF)“.

Their office is completely unremarkable – or to tell the truth, hidden – you find the address rarely in the internet and no nametag or else indicates who is working behind the curtains. That’s why we wanted to publish the address of the Frontex office, to make it more known also to other visitors.

You find the office at: Via Transito 74, 95121 Catania (N 37° 30′ 1.332“, E 15° 5′ 0.059“)

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