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Our biggest fears seem to become confirmed. A few days ago we were in direct contact with a refugee-boat carrying altogether about 500 travellers. They were towing a second refugee-boat, also with about 500 travellers on board. Rescue was not in sight and over many hours, the situation grew more and more desperate until, eventually, the towed boat capsized. Our contact to the boat later broke off (for our log book entries, see AlarmPhone.

Now the survivors have reached Italy and through their witness accounts, it seems confirmed that hundreds died, maybe up 550 people. Some people off the sinking boat seemed to have been able to swim to the first boat and survive. Others were able to stay alive until rescue services arrived. However, many more seem to have lost their lives. Some news sources speak of 700 deaths over the past few days, others of 900 (BBC).

Europe, these are your deaths. Once again you have turned the sea into a deadly deterrent. You will again blame the smugglers for these fatalities but we know that they are only a direct effect of your policies, an industry that you keep subsidizing. We will struggle on to counter your policies of deterrence, leaving-to-die and abandonment:

Ferries not Frontex!

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