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Migration in Greece

Eleven myths and even more truths

Autor: Vassilis Papastergiou, Eleni Takou
Übersetzer/in: Katerina Nijenhuis; Irina Pipis

For at least twenty years, the migration issue in Greece is an issue which has been permanently coming to the forefront in different guises, taking up a central spot in public discussions. Those discussions are mostly dominated by distorted notions, while true facts are obscured, as migration is an issue that is instrumentalised by politics and exploited by the media. The actions of the main representatives of mass media and systematic interventions by the extreme right have led to the creation of social myths and at times even of situations of “moral panic”, which makes it more and more difficult to comprehend the phenomenon’s complexity and of course address it in a sober manner.

This booklet has two goals. First of all, to deconstruct the numerous social myths that revolve around migration in Greece with well-founded facts, thus contributing to a well-rounded and multi-facetted understanding of the migration issue. Second, to propose, through this deconstruction, a realistic but also fair policy on migration, a true left-wing policy. A policy that takes the reality Greek society is facing today as a starting point and combines realism in the good sense of the word with the respect for human rights.

Therefore, we have selected eleven of the most commonly known myths concerning immigration in Greece and using data and studies, we identify the truth in each topic. Towards the end we present, in broad strokes, the basic features of a fair and realistic migration policy.

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