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Blaming the Rescuers


Aiming to deter migrants from crossing the Mediterranean, the EU and its member states pulled back from rescue at sea at the end of 2014, leading to record numbers of deaths. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) were forced to deploy their own rescue missions in a desperate attempt to fill this gap and reduce casualties. Today, NGOs are under attack, wrongly accused of ‘colluding with smugglers’, ‘constituting a pull-factor’ and ultimately endangering migrants. This report refutes these accusations through empirical analysis. It is written to avert a looming catastrophe: if NGOs are forced to stop or reduce their operations, many more lives will be lost to the sea.

It has been two years since more than 1,200 people perished at sea in the 12 and 18 April 2015 shipwrecks – the largest to have been documented in recent Mediterranean history. These deaths, as we demonstrated in the report Death by Rescue published last year,   were the result of the termination of the Italian Mare Nostrum operation, which had patrolled close to the Libyan coast to rescue migrants in distress. The end of Mare Nostrum left a gap in Search and Rescue (SAR) capabilities that was meant to deter migrants and instead led to a staggering increase in deaths at sea in early 2015. In the wake of this harrowing loss of life, even the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, was obliged to admit that “it was a serious mistake to bring the Mare Nostrum operation to an end. It cost human lives”. […]

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The Guardian | 03.06.2017

Aid agencies point to shortage of search-and-rescue vessels and the increasingly unsafe boats of people traffickers

The death rate among migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean to enter Europe has almost doubled over the past year.

Comparing the first five months of this year with the same period last year, UN agency data reveals that the mortality rate grew from 1.2% to 2.3%. The death rate during all of 2015 was 0.37% – a sixth of its current level.

Details of the drownings came as it emerged that far-right activists are planning to send boats to the Mediterranean this summer to disrupt search-and-rescue vessels that are attempting to save the lives of refugees.

The new figures prompted calls for the international community to stop turning a blind eye to the unfolding crisis. Aid agencies said the rising death rate was caused by a shortage of search-and-rescue vessels and the increasingly unsafe boats being provided by smugglers and traffickers in Libya.

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Telepolis | 09.06.2017

Menschenrechte bleiben auf der Strecke: Von einer Politik der Toleranz gegenüber Flüchtlingen hin zu einer restriktiven Durchsetzung der Gesetze

Wassilis Aswestopoulos

Die EU-Kommission äußert sich besorgt über die jüngste Entwicklung bei der Anwendung des Asylrechts in Griechenland. Dieses Mal geht es nicht um Syrer, Afghanen, Pakistani oder Iraker. Vielmehr bemängelt der EU-Kommissar Nils Muižnieks, dass die Menschenrechte von Türken verletzt werden. Türken, die aus dem von der EU weiterhin als sicheren Drittstaat angesehenen Nachbarland über den Evros oder das Meer nach Griechenland kommen, werden von griechischen Behörden mittels des international geächteten push-back Verfahrens kurzerhand zurück über die Grenze befördert.

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