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The Libya Observer | 17.04.2017

Libyan air and naval forces form joint operations room to fight fuel smuggling

The fuel and gas crisis committee has announced that air and naval forces had formed an operations room to end the crisis of fuel smuggling from Libya. „All targets are now in sight and the new joint operations room will take the needed action against them once needed.“ The committee said on its Facebook page.

It also stressed that the operations room is getting ready to end this phenomenon on the Libyan coast once and for all.

„Because such an action is related to military operations, the fuel and gas committee has decided to suspend its work and leave it in the hands of this new room.“ The statement on Facebook added.

Earlier, the committee said the air force warplanes targeted fuel smuggling vessels after they had entered Libyan territorial waters, as part of its out-loud war on smugglers at the Libyan coast.

„Three vessels were attacked as part of a warning by Libyan air force off Zuwara coast leaving the smugglers in panic.“ It indicated.

The fuel and gas committee announced earlier this month a nationwide crackdown on smuggling fuel and commodities to neighboring countries in cooperation with western and southern security and military departments.

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