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The Libya Observer | 06.04.2017

by AbdulkaderAssad

The fuel and gas committee has launched The Mediterranean Storm Operation that means to cut off the routes of international smuggling gangs that are smuggling Libyan fuel off Libyan shores and elsewhere.

„The operation will see a cooperation between the naval force and the air force in Libya.“ The committee said on Thursday.

It added that among other aims, the operation will seize the vehicles used by the smugglers to smuggle Libyan fuel starting from Thursday.

„We ask that all Libyans stand with us in this war, which they should take up as their own war on the absurd phenomenon of smuggling.“ The fuel and gas committee indicated.

It also warned all political parties, political activists and civil socities as well as the economists of using the efforts exerted by the committee to achieve personal or political gains via talking on media outlets.

„Those entities and individuals must watch in utter silence.“ The committee remarked.

Two days ago, the committee disclosed that its members had constantly received death threats by some Libyan nationals, who were directly affected by cracking down on fuel smuggling.

The fuel and gas crisis committee has been tightening its grip on fuel smuggling in Nalut for weeks leading to shutting down filling stations, whose owners are storing fuel to be smuggled later to Tunisia.

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