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Quelle: Greek Reporter

By Katerina Papathanasiou

According to a group of Turkish fishermen, the Greek Coast Guard allegedly tried to sink a boat carrying Syrian immigrants on Thursday, Hürriyet daily reported.

The boat, trying to cross into Greek waters, started its journey from the coast of Karaburun in Turkey’s İzmir province.

The fishermen captured video footage that shows the Greek Coast Guard passing by a sinking inflatable boat carrying approximately 50 Syrian migrants. The video does not show the Greek authorities harming the boat, however the fishermen reiterated to Hürriyet that the Greek Coast Guard was responsible for the boat sinking, in an effort to prevent its entry into Greece.

Talking to Greek Reporter, a representative of the Greek Coast Guard’s Admiral denied that such incident took place.

The Turkish fishermen claim that they witnessed a person “popping” the inflatable boat that was carrying several men, women, and children.

The migrants had to abandon the sinking boat and were rescued by local Turkish fishermen, according to Hürriyet.

İzmir has become a popular destination for Syrians fleeing their war-torn country trying to cross into the European Union through the Greek Islands.

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Turkish fisherman claims Greek officials intentionally sank migrant boat

A group of Turkish fishermen claims the Greek Coast Guard has sunk a dinghy full of migrants which was crossing Turkish waters.

In a video purportedly shot by one of the fishermen, a voice can be heard describing the alleged incident.

“He had what looked like a lance in his hand,” a man on board the Turkish boat says of one of the Greek Coast Guard. “They’ve sunk the boat.”

A boat can be seen approaching the dinghy. The camera then moves unsteadily away from the scene. When it once again focuses on the migrants’ dinghy, the bigger boat has passed by and is sailing away. The dinghy then appears to be sinking.

Turkish fishermen say the boat belonged to the Greek Coast Guard, however the images are too unclear to make out an insignia on the vessel.

Some 50 people, believed to be of Syrian origin, are thought to have been on the inflatable boat, which sank off the Aegean province of Izmir. Reports suggest the fishermen and Turkish Coast Guard rescued those on board and took them ashore to Turkey.

Greek officials have yet to comment on the video.

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