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GewerkschafterInnen in Solidarität mit Geflüchteten im DGB-Haus

Berlin am 25. September 2014

Solidaritätserklärung von GewerkschaftsaktivistInnen für die Geflüchteten, die heute das Berliner DGB-Haus besetzt haben

Heute haben Geflüchtete der Gruppe Refugee Struggle for Freedom das Berliner DGB-Haus am Wittenbergplatz besetzt, um von den Gewerkschaften Unterstützung für ihren Kampf einzufordern.

Wir begrüßen sie hier als unsere KollegInnen, denn wie wir gehören sie zu den Lohnabhängigen. Außerdem drücken wir unsere Unterstützung für ihre politischen Forderungen aus. Dass Geflüchtete und Gewerkschaften zusammen gehören, zeigten auch schon die Aktionen der „Non-Citizens“ in München, die sich 2013 zwei Wochen lang im Münchner Gewerkschaftshaus aufhielten, und die Geflüchteten von „Lampedusa in Hamburg“, die als ver.di-Mitglieder um ihre Arbeitsrechte kämpfen.

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EU resettlement initiative

via eu-council-save-lives-au-13287-14.pdf

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Limassol (Cyprus) (AFP)

Almost 300 mostly Syrian refugees rescued by a cruise liner were refusing Friday to disembark in Cyprus’s southern port of Limassol, demanding instead to be taken to Italy, the cruise company said.

A total of 345 migrants, mainly women and children, had been plucked from a boat in trouble off the coast of Cyprus on Thursday by a Salamis Cruise Lines ship, according to the company and Cypriot authorities. Some 700 paying passengers disembarked from the 157-metre liner, police said, but only 65 of those rescued at sea left the ship. The others refused to budge, the shipping company said.

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„Cyprus cruise liner rescues 300 refugees


Nicosia AFP – A cruise liner returning from Greece was pressed into action in rough seas off Cyprus Thursday to rescue some 300 people thought to be Syrian refugees whose trawler had run into trouble. The refugees, mostly women and children, were loaded aboard the Salamis Filoxenia cruise liner and were in „good health“, according to George Ppouro, the harbour master in the Cypriot port of Limassol.

The vessel was expected to dock at around 9:00 pm 1800 GMT in Limassol, where the interior ministry said the migrants would be given health checks. The liner had been en route from the Greek island of Syros to Limassol when it received a call to assist in the rescue operation. The trawler sent out a distress signal at 6:25 am 0325 GMT when it was about 50 nautical miles southwest of the tourist hub of Paphos, the Cypriot government said.

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For Boatpeople in Distress at Sea and in Cases of Pushback

The Watch The Med Alarm Phone is a ‘hotline’ for people in distress at sea. Our hotline will run 24/7 and will immediately raise alarm when refugees and migrants get into situations of distress at sea and are not promptly rescued. It will be managed by human rights activists from both sides of the Mediterranean and offer a multilingual team that will first advise all persons in distress to alert the officially responsible rescue teams. The Watch The Med Alarm Phone does not possess rescue-teams and we cannot offer direct protection. When a distress call is received, we will call the coast guards ourselves, and follow up on their response, making known to them that we are informed and ‘watching’ them. If they fail to respond, we will gather all imaginable political and public pressure to force them to do so.


 + +  The number will be published here on the 10th of October  + +



+ +  Read and download the flyer in  EN   FR   AR   DT   GR   IT  ES    + +


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Interceptada una patera con 12 inmigrantes, entre ellos un menor, a 2 millas de la costa de BarbateSalvamento Marítimo ha interceptado en la madrugada de este miércoles una patera con doce inmigrantes a bordo, entre ellos un menor, a dos millas de la costa de la localidad gaditana de Barbate.


Según han informado a Europa Press fuentes del servicio unificado de emergencias 112, la embarcación fue avistada e interceptada por Salvamento sobre las 01,50 horas a dos millas de la costa y a continuación fue trasladada hasta el puerto de Barbate.Sus doce ocupantes se encuentran en aparente buen estado de salud, aunque dos de ellos fueron atendidos por Cruz Roja a su llegada al puerto de Barbate.

via Interceptada una patera con 12 inmigrantes, entre ellos un menor, a 2 millas de la costa de Barbate

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Syrian killed by Tunisian border guards as he attempts to enter Libya

By Libya Herald staff

A Syrian was shot and killed and four others injured as they attempted to cross the Tunisian border into Libya, according to the Tunisian Ministry of Interior.

The men were fired upon by members of the Tunisian National Guard after the driver of the car in which they were riding refused a command to stop. Varying sources report there were between 12 and 14 people in the vehicle. It is reported to have been travelling in a restricted area.

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Am Dienstag, den 16.9.14 kamen Mitarbeiter*innen des Jugendamtes und des Gesundheitsamtes Friedrichshain – Kreuzberg zu den Familien im Görlitzer Park und auf die Cuvry- Brache. Sie boten ihnen zunächst „Hilfe“ an. Als die Familien ihnen daraufhin, wie erbeten, ihre Pässe gezeigt hatten, erklärten Mitarbeiter*innen des Jugendamtes, sie würden ihre Kinder in Obhut nehmen. In dem den Familien dabei ausgehändigten Schreiben heißt es:

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Frontex mission held up as Malta, Italy squabble

A new Mediterranean border patrol mission planned by EU agency Frontex is still on the drawing board as Malta and Italy negotiate who would take the migrants rescued.

Malta and Italy have squabbled over this issue for years. While Malta insists that according to international law migrants should be taken to the nearest safe port, successive Italian governments have argued that they should be taken to the country coordinating the rescue.

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