17. Juli 2018 · Kommentare deaktiviert für 40 Boat-people: Seenotrettung an Öl-Plattform – Alarmphone · Kategorien: Alarm Phone, Libyen, Tunesien · Tags: ,
Last Saturday, we were alerted to a boat in distress carrying 40 people from Sub-Sahara Africa and Egypt, which had started from Libya. They were rescued by a supply vessel called Sarost 5 near the platform Astrat off the coast of Tunisia in international waters. They were provided food by the Tunisian military and were later brought to the platform itself. The supply vessel then took course on Sfax/Tunisia, to disembark the people. The authorities there, however, refused to allow them to land. They then called Malta and Italy, who also refused to take them. They were told to land in Zarzis/Tunisia. But now, since Monday the 16th of July, at 1 am, they are also blocked from entering the port there.
We are appalled by the fact that the cruel politics of the Italian interior minister Salvini has reached the southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. We are sickened by such political manoeuvres that plays ping pong with the lives of people. We call upon all parties to remember their duties to rescue those who are in need. Free movement for all!

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