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In November 2016 Ahmed was sentenced in Hungary to 10 years imprisonment. The news about this harsh verdict spread around the world.

Massive public pressure will be necessary when the verdict will be on trial in the next level court in approximately end of May 2017.

The persecutor is demanding 17,5 years custody and made an appeal.

Furthermore, money is needed: The costs for the court trial rose by now up to 10.000 €.

You can donate here:

Account holder: Rote Hilfe e.V. Ortsgruppe Frankfurt
Catchword: Röszke 11
IBAN: DE24 4306 0967 4007 2383 90

Or use our crowdfunding campaign:


Ahmed‘s 10 years sentence – the background

Ahmed H. was sentenced after a series of extremely biased trial hearing to 10 years of prison for “terrorism” and “illegal border crossing” in the court of Szeged.

Ahmed H. is Syrian and lived with his family in Cyprus, until he travelled with his parents along the Balkan route to support them on their journey to Germany where they wanted to find international protection. He was arrested together with 10 other people a bit more than a year ago, shortly after the 15th of September 2015, when the Hungarian government closed its border with Serbia. When people were blocked without any support from moving on, they started to protest. The situation got increasingly tense until it escalated and police started using tear gas and water cannons and protesters were throwing stones.

Ahmed H., was among those who communicated with a megaphone between the crowd of protesters and the police, tried to calm both sides down and later also started throwing stones. That he was using a megaphone, was the argument of the court that he was the leader of the protest and that he was “threatening the Hungarian state” = terrorism.

The trials were nothing but an absurd show trial: the court continuously equated Ahmed’s religion Islam with terrorism, most of the witnesses were police men and all independent witnesses like journalists, volunteers at the border were rejected, together with other material that would have helped to prove Ahmed’s role at the border.

Ahmed’s trial (and the trials of the other Röszke 11), together with the fence, the police violence and the harsh policy changes are supposed to state an example and create an atmosphere of fear. They are part of the Hungarian state’s increasing racist propaganda against all migrants, especially Muslims and part of the repressive migration policies.

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