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Quelle: Die Welt

In Kroatien und Slowenien, den beiden zentralen Ländern auf der Balkanroute für Flüchtlinge, ist am Montag bis zum Mittag nicht ein einziger Transitreisender registriert worden.

Insgesamt wurden im Januar aber bisher fast 48.000 Menschen gezählt, die dann nach Österreich und vor allem nach Deutschland weiterreisten, wie die slowenische Polizei in Ljubljana berichtete.

Während am Samstag in Kroatien noch rund 1400 Migranten angekommen waren, traf von Sonntag bis Montagvormittag niemand mehr ein, teilte das Innenministerium mit.


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Quelle: Zeit Online

Die EU-Innenminister sind sich einig: Griechenland trägt Verantwortung für die Flüchtlingskrise, weil es seine Seegrenze nicht schützt. Wenn es doch nur so einfach wäre.

Von Zacharias Zacharakis

Es ist wie ein übler Traum, der sich seit Jahren ständig wiederholt. Nur die handelnden Figuren wechseln sich ab. Das Mantra des Traums: Griechenland muss „seine Hausaufgaben“ machen. Immer wieder fällt dieser Satz. Dieses Mal ist es Bundesinnenminister Thomas de Maizière, der ihn ausspricht.

In der Eurokrise hatten sich die Griechen schon an die ständigen Ermahnungen aus Brüssel und dem Rest Europas gewöhnt. Doch jetzt wird das kleine südeuropäische Land auch in der zweiten großen Krise der EU zum Sündenbock gemacht. „Wir brauchen einen dauerhaften, spürbaren, nachhaltigen Rückgang der Flüchtlingszahlen, und zwar sichtbar in den nächsten Wochen“, hatte de Maizière am Montag gesagt.

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Quelle: Independent

Lifesavers were in international waters while the sinking boat was stranded on the Turkish side of the sea

At least 31 refugees drowned in the Aegean Sea after rescue workers stationed nearby were initially left unable to assist them until the boat had left Turkish waters.

Australian national Simon Lewis says he and a team of rescue workers were sailing in international waters near the Greek island of Lesbos when they heard reports of a refugee boat nearby.

Because the boat was still in Turkish waters at the time, Mr Lewis’ crew were not dispatched to the scene and were therefore not much closer to help when the vessel subsequently started to sink, leaving 31 people dead.

Had the vessel made it into international waters before sinking then rescue workers could have approached them and helped.

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Quelle: Calais Migrant Solidarity

On the 23rd of January, a sizeable demonstration took place in Calais. The protest was called by many groups outside of Calais who wanted to show solidarity with the plight of the refugees living in the Jungle. The main organisations who called for and organised the demonstration were the CISPM (International Coalition of People Without Papers and Migrants) and the ATMF (Association of French Maghrebian Workers) but the call was supported by a vast array of different solidarity groups. Coaches to the demonstration came from all across France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and also a large contigent from the UK.

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Quelle: The Guardian

‘Very dangerous’ situation of asylum seekers trying to cross channel illegally must not continue, says Labour leader

Refugees at camps in Calais and Dunkirk should be allowed to come to Britain if they have a clear family connection to the country, Jeremy Corbyn has said.

The Labour leader set out his thinking on how to address the refugee crisis after visiting the camps on Saturday, saying it was up to the governments of the UK and France “to be a bit more human about this”.

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Quelle: The Guardian

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán wants to fence Greece off from Europe, but analysts say this will not reduce the flow of people

In metaphorical terms, the migration crisis has driven Greece to the wall, with more than 850,000 asylum seekers landing on its shores in 2015. This year, the expression may take on a more literal meaning, depending on whether you believe the bluster of rightwing European leaders.

In recent days, Hungary’s hardline prime minister, Viktor Orbán, has called for Greece to be walled off from the rest of Europe – or at least from Macedonia, the next step along the migration trail towards Germany. Orbán wants the EU to expand an existing fence around the Greek border town of Idomeni along the entire length of the Greece-Macedonia border, just as Hungary walled off its own border in September.

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Quelle: GR Reporter

One dead and two injured is the result of a bloody clash between refugees and migrants near the village of Idomeni on the Greek-Macedonian border last night.

The victim and the injured are Pakistani nationals. The latter were taken to hospital, where one had an operation and doctors now believe that his life is no longer at risk. The second injured has wounds on his arm from hits.

According to the Greek newspaper Ethnos, the migrant who was not so badly injured stated in his testimony to the police that a group of five Afghans attacked the Pakistanis in order to rob them and that they stole from him 400 euro in cash and a mobile phone, and then disappeared into the dark.

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Quelle: Ekathimerini

Greece’s European Union partners on Monday put further pressure on the government over the flow of refugees and migrants by threatening Athens with suspension from the Schengen area.

Ahead of an informal meeting of EU interior ministers in Amsterdam, Germany, Austria and Belgium were among the countries that criticized Greece for not doing enough to prevent migrants from traveling to Central Europe and only having completed one of the five “hot spots” for registering refugees.

Greece was told it must have the other hot spots (only the one on Lesvos is operational) ready by the end of February or face further action.

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