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Perspectives on struggle and solidarity

Callout for transnational actions on the 6th February 2016

Hello to everybody, to all migrants from the South, North, East and West.

Together we need to lead a discussion on how to find perspectives and change the situation for migrants. Because this situation doesn’t just concern us or you: it concerns everyone.

The barriers between Melilla and Ceuta: How many millions of Euros are invested every year in these barriers? 1 metre, 3 metres, 6 metres of fencing. The militarisation policy has never been successful. There have always been migrant movements and attempts to cross to the two Spanish enclaves.

The current example of Hungary greatly reminds us of this with its vast flow of migrants undeterred by the same policy of militarisation. Whether we are Africans, Europeans or from elsewhere, it is up to us to stop this machine which criminalises and kills human beings at every one of Europe’s borders. Europe has happily opened its borders to all the world’s wealth, in particular that of Africa (uranium, coltan, coffee, coacoa, petrol, gas, gold, diamonds, etc.), in total complicity with dictators which it supports and who are also responsible for this policy. Europe continues to incite and nurture conflicts and wars all over the world (Ivory Coast, Sudan, Central Africa, Congo, Libya through NATO, Iraq, Afghanistan and most recently in Syria, etc.).

And the capitalist system further accentuates this EU policy which shows contempt for all human values. We can quote the writer Fatou Diome here who, on French television in April 2015, said ‘Those people who die on the beaches (…) and if they were White the whole world would be trembling. (…) When the poor come to you, it’s a crush movement which has to be blocked, but when you with your passport and all the arrogance what that brings, you disembark in the third world and you are on conquered land. So you see the poor who move but you do not see the rich who invest in our countries. (…) We must end this hypocrisy: We will be rich together or we will all drown together.’ […]

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