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Italien hat nach Kritik der EU an der schleppenden Registrierung von Bootsflüchtlingen ein zweites Aufnahmezentrum eingerichtet.

Dieser sogenannte „Hotspot“ liege in Trapani auf Sizilien, teilte Innenminister Alfano in Rom mit. Weitere Zentren sollen in den nächsten Tagen in Pozzallo auf Sizilien und in Tarent in Apulien öffnen. Bisher gab es nur ein italienisches Aufnahmezentrum auf der Mittelmeerinsel Lampedusa. Eigentlich sollten bis Jahresende in Italien sechs solcher Zentren eingerichtet werden.

In diesem Jahr trafen rund 150.000 Flüchtlinge auf dem Seeweg in Italien ein, rund 20.000 weniger als im Vorjahr. Mehr als 820.000 kamen in Griechenland an. Nach Angaben des UNO-Flüchtlingshilfswerks erreichten insgesamt mehr als eine Million Flüchtlinge in diesem Jahr die Europäische Union.


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Thousands of refugees are continuing to board boats to Europe everyday despite the worsening winter weather

At Emre’s boat shop in central Izmir, one of Turkey’s main ports, you can’t turn around without bumping into a pile of inflatable rubber boats. On this day there are 16 stacked in beige boxes, all numbered with the same inscrutable code, SK-800PLY, and all newly delivered from China. If Emre’s maths is right, all of them will be discarded on a Greek beach within a couple of days. For Emre’s shop is where you can buy boats that take refugees to Europe – and where they are still being sold at a rate of nearly a dozen a day.

“In the summer we were selling more,” Emre tells a potential Syrian customer. “But right now we’re still selling six of the cheaper boats every day, and five of the more expensive ones. How many do you want?”

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On Greek island’s north coast, activists have launched their own humanitarian operation. But the welcome is less warm at the registration centres in the south

In the hills high above the north coast of Lesbos, an incongruous mass of orange surges for hundreds of metres across a craggy plateau. It could be the crater of a seething volcano. But this is not lava.

On Tuesday, the number of asylum seekers to reach Europe this year passed 1 million. Nearly half of them did so via the beaches of this Greek island – and the eerie hilltop is where the residents of Lesbos have piled hundreds of thousands of their discarded orange lifejackets. Elsewhere, the islanders are building a second graveyard to house the bodies of the drowned. This silent swath of orange – 3.7 metres (1 ft) tall in places, and rolling like the sea – is just as apt a tombstone for the scale and tragedy of the European refugee crisis.

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As part of our 2015 charity appeal coverage, we asked the Guardian’s picture desk to choose some of the most powerful and moving photographs of this year’s refugee crisis in Europe. This selection depicts the plight of people fleeing their homes in search of a safer life in the west

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