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Refugees Deeply | 27.03.2018

Italy’s seizure of an NGO rescue ship has refocused attention on how Europe outsourced control of the central Mediterranean to the Libyan Coast Guard. Amnesty International’s Matteo de Bellis examines the legal and humanitarian issues at stake.

Watching 93 emaciated refugees and migrants disembark from a Spanish NGO ship in the Italian port of Pozzallo earlier this month, the town’s mayor said they reminded him of “a scene from the concentration camps.”

They had boarded a boat bound for Europe, only to find themselves stranded at sea. One of them, a 21-year-old man called Segen, died a day later. However, his fellow travelers are receiving much-needed assistance, thanks to the brave actions of their rescuers aboard an NGO ship, the Proactiva Open Arms. The following week, that ship was itself making headlines.

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Spiegel Online | 31.03.2018

Zwei französische Polizisten haben die italienische Grenze übertreten und einen Mann auf Drogen testen lassen. Der Zwischenfall löste eine Diskussion um Territorialfragen aus.

Ein Zwischenfall an der italienisch-französischen Grenze sorgt für diplomatische Verstimmungen zwischen den beiden EU-Ländern. Frankreichs Botschafter sei einbestellt worden, um zu erklären, warum französische Grenzpolizisten in eine Ambulanz für Migranten auf italienischem Gebiet eingedrungen seien, hieß es am Samstag aus dem Außenministerium in Rom.

Die Einrichtung im Grenzbahnhof Bardonecchia wird von der Hilfsorganisation „Rainbow for Africa“ betrieben. Sie unterstützt damit Migranten, die sich über die Alpen auf den Weg nach Frankreich machen.

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bordermonitoring.eu | 31.03.2018

The Harmanli local district court had scheduled the court hearing against 21 Afghans, who are accused of taking part in the riot on the 24th of November 2016. After the riot, that broke out following a protest against quarantine measures, inhabitants of the camp accused the police of using brutal violence. They publicly stated that the gendarmerie stormed houses while some people were sleeping, who had nothing to do with the riot. Pictures were shared by the asylum seekers, which were showing many injuries.

The court hearing will take place on the 24th of April 2018 in Rayonen Sad – Harmanli (РАЙОНЕН СЪД) at Yanko Sakazov Street 1, 6450 Tsentar, Harmanli.