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OZY | 13.02.2018

By Mohammed Harun Arsalai

A wave of insurgent attacks in recent weeks in Afghanistan has led both President Donald Trump and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to call for an end to negotiations with the Taliban militant group and to intensify efforts on the battlefield.

After 16 years of fighting, Afghanistan is America’s longest war in history. In 2017, eastern Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province was also the deadliest place on Earth for U.S. troops. Amid all the chaos live the Afghan people, who have suffered immensely over the past 40 years of nearly nonstop violence. Many who can manage to afford a smuggler opt to leave Afghanistan on an arduous journey through Iran into Turkey and over the Aegean Sea toward the Greek islands, where they hope to make it to the Greek mainland and head north to one of the more prosperous and supposedly friendly EU countries.

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ROAR | 12.02.2018

The recent protests show that Tunisia is still a cauldron of popular resistance against neoliberal and neo-colonial attacks on the country’s sovereignty.

Hamza Hamouchene

Around 800 people were arrested, dozens were injured and at least one person was killed in a violent police crackdown on the protests that rocked Tunisia for over two weeks in January. The protesters, who stemmed from a wide variety of social and economic backgrounds, took to the streets in response to the government’s announcement of its 2018 budget. A new round of harsh austerity measures are predicted to inflate prices of basic foods, fuel and energy and to further undermine crucial public services such as health care and education.

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