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Quelle: Open Migration

Sempre più migranti muoiono in mare sulla rotta verso l’Italia

Alessandro Lanni

500 scomparsi al largo della Libia. Dati in aumento dopo la fine dell’operazione Mare Nostrum. La via del Mediterraneo centrale è la più pericolosa: il 75% dei decessi nel 2015 nei viaggi verso il nostro paese.

La conferma alla fine è arrivata. Il 18 aprile sono morte centinaia di persone partite da Tobruk (Libia) nel naufragio di un’imbarcazione carica di migranti. Somale? Eritree? Sudanesi? 400? 500? Difficile dirlo. Sicuramente provavano a raggiungere l’Italia e l’Europa e sono morte in mare a 365 giorni esatti da un altro drammatico naufragio, nel quale morirono circa altri 900 migranti a largo delle coste siciliane.

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Quelle: The Guardian

Fears of a refugee wave through north Africa are based on thin evidence and deploying naval vessels may have little effect on dinghies already at sea

Though migration levels from Libya are no higher than they were last year, European governments are terrified that the closure of the refugee route from Turkey to Greece will lead to a fresh surge through the north African country towards Italy.

Over the past few days, these fears prompted western leaders to discuss a two-pronged response. First, Rome proposed the deportation of Italy-bound migrants back to war-torn Libya. Then Barack Obama agreed at a meeting with European allies to add US ships to ongoing anti-smuggling operations in international waters off the Libyan coast.

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Quelle: The Guardian

The port of Piraeus and a disused airport are focal points for Athens’ difficulties in dealing with the ongoing refugee crisis. The city’s mayor admits it is paying heavily for flaws that should have been addressed long ago

Even now, two months and 20 days after her journey from Afghanistan began, Haliva Khaveri still thinks of Greece – the country across the sea, the coastline she had looked at longingly from Turkey – in terms of hope.

It’s what keeps the 17-year-old and her entire family planted in Piraeus, the port city six miles south of Athens. “We are staying here,” she says with conviction. “Me, my mother, my father, my three sisters, my brother – we are not moving. We are staying here, and then eventually we go to Germany or Holland.”

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