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Quelle: Zeit Online

Die Umsetzung des EU-Türkei-Deals beginnt: Zwei Schiffe sollen die ersten 750 Migranten in die Türkei bringen. In Deutschland werden dann erste Flüchtlinge erwartet.

Zwei Tage vor dem offiziellen Start der geplanten Abschiebung von Flüchtlingen und Migranten von Griechenland in die Türkei sind erste Details bekannt geworden. Der Plan der griechischen Küstenwache und der europäischen Grenzschutzagentur Frontex sieht vor, dass von Montag bis einschließlich Mittwoch rund 750 Asylsuchende an Bord von zwei türkischen Schiffen aus der griechischen Stadt Mytilini, dem Hauptort von Lesbos, in den türkischen Hafen von Dikili gebracht werden. Dies berichtete die halbamtliche griechische Nachrichtenagentur ANA-MPA unter Berufung auf Regierungskreise.

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Quelle: The Guardian

Rival ethnic groups clash in Piraeus and 800 break out of detention centre on Chios as EU deal brings desperation

The Greek government is bracing itself for violence ahead of the European Union implementing a landmark deal that, from Monday, will see Syrian refugees and migrants being deported back to Turkey en masse.


An Afghan man holds a prosthetic leg during a recent protest at Moria detention centre, Lesbos. Photograph: STR/AFP/Getty Images

Rioting and rebellion by thousands of entrapped refugees across Greece has triggered mounting fears in Athens over the practicality of enforcing an agreement already marred by growing concerns over its legality. Islands have become flashpoints, with as many as 800 people breaking out of a detention centre on Chios on Friday.

Some 750 migrants are set to be sent back between Monday and Wednesday from the island of Lesbos to the Turkish port of Dikili.

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Collection on relevant news: Week #15/2016 (3.4.2016)

In any case check Twitter #RefugeesGr & #Idomeni. 

Aegean Sea & Islands:

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Quelle: Refugee Movement

We are a group of 13 people from different countries, almost all living in Germany. We speak a lot of different languages, e.g. Arabic, English, Farsi, Dari, French, German, Kurdish, Pashto, Urdu, and Turkish. Most of us met during the self-organized refugee struggles in Bavaria, or in other anti-racist contexts. Most members of our collective came to Germany as migrants from Non-Western countries.

All members of our collective believe in freedom of movement for everybody and the right to choose to go where people want, whenever they want. We believe that for this to become true, it is necessary to provide reliable and trustworthy information for migrants: About their journey to and through Europe, and on the asylum system in EU member states.

That’s why we are planning to travel through Greece for two weeks, from the 24th of March to the 8th of April. We aim at meeting people on the ground, in order to provide them with information through leaflets in different languages. We will also have info panels on the bus, displaying maps and legal advices about Greece, the destination and transit countries. Most of us have also experienced the situation of coming to Germany as a refugee and are able to share this with people who aim at going there.

Contact: GreeceTour@oplatz.net

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Quelle: Migrant Report

Deadly Week off Libya 160 Feared Drowned

More than 160 migrants are feared to have perished off Libya this week in two separate accidents off the coast of Zawiya, a coastal town that has become the new focal point for departures from the North African coast.

On March 30, the Libyan coastguard and an Italian tug boat rescued more than 170 people from two separate boats that ran into trouble around 12 miles off Zawiya. One of the boats had deflated with 140 people on board, while the other collapsed, spilling most of the 85 people on board into the sea.

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Nahe der westlybischen Stadt Zawiya, aus der oft Boat-people Richtung Italien starten, hat es in den ersten Morgenstunden des 02.04.2017 einen Ausbruch aus einem furchtbaren Flüchtlingsmassengefängnis gegeben. In dem Gefängnis sollen 15.000 Flüchtlinge und MigrantInnen festgehalten worden sein. Als sie ausbrachen, feuerten die Bewacher mit Schusswaffen auf die Flüchtenden, erschossen mindestens 5 und verletzten 15 von ihnen. Die Bewaffneten gehören zur Al Nasser Miliz, die auch die nahen Erdölraffinerien „beschützen“.

Quelle: Migrant Report

LIBYA: Five Migrants Dead, 15 Injured After Detention Centre Escape

At least five African migrants are dead and 15 injured, some of them seriously after guards at a detention in the coastal town of Zawiya opened fire during a mass escape early on Saturday morning.

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