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Statement of the Syrians after the shipwreck to the European Union

We are Syrians arrived in Italy after a shipwreck. Now we are blocked in Milan with a lot of other Syrians because when we try to go to other countries the police block us at the border of Italy or of Austria. We don’t want to stay in Italy but we want to move to Germany or to Sweden where we have our friends and families. After the shipwreck some of us have been taken to Sicily, some others to Malta, others to Lampedusa; we don’t even know where the people who were in our boat are now. Our boat sunk because the Libyan police shot us just after we left Zuara. We need to know if the people we know are alive or died; and if they are alive we want to know where they are. When we arrived in Sicily, the Italian police forced us to give the fingerprint but we didn’t know that by giving fingerprints in Italy now we are not allowed to claims asylum in other countries. We ask the European Union and Italy to give us information about our relatives and comrades, and to let us move to the countries where our families are or where we wish to go.

The Syrians after the shipwreck, Milan 24/10/2013

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