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The Afghans in the closed centre

The  162 Afghans arrested with violence during actions this week were released due to a shortage of places in the detention centers (Link: )
Many other Afghans who do not participate in the actions,were arrested and imprisoned over the last weeks. As if the government is taking a revenge.

If  they have no passport or “laissez passez” necessary for there deportation,the autorities give them a  “  European ” laissez passez, a document of which the legality is questioned by the lawyers of the Afghan refugees.
The deportations happen in strict secrecy ( two cases of which we know, and probably more .. ) . They do not get the=“magicdomid158″>One of them even testified of an injection that he got before his flight . He woke up in Moscow. This is verry hard to confirm, because after this last message he disappeared  and contact was broken.
Could it be possible that the foreignersoffice is afraid for an invasion of the airport if one of those deportations gets public ?
The two companies that collaborate with this deportations are KLM and Turkish Airlines, in a less frequent case, this is SN Brussels Airlines
For people who can move easily and quickly send us your mobile phone number to gettingthevoiceout@riseup.net . If we know the hour of a deportation  , we will send you an SMS to come to the airport ..

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