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Al Jazeera | 28.12.2017

by Zeina Khodr

The United Nations says many Syrian refugees in Lebanon are more vulnerable than ever.

Many refugees depend on aid to survive, while a growing number are falling deeper into poverty, and most are in debt.

The number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon has been in decline, but there are no exact numbers of those going back to Syria.

The UN believes that conditions for a safe return are not yet in place.

Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from a refugee camp in the Bekaa Valley.

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Al Jazeera | 28.12.2017

A group of undocumented Ethiopian workers have said they were subject to serious abuses by Saudi police before they were expelled, including physical and psychological torture and being forcibly held in „dirty“ prison camps.

Six Ethiopians told The Associated Press news agency that after being captured by Saudi police officers, some of them were beaten, robbed of their possessions and saw their compatriots shot at and wounded when they tried to escape roundups.

„The prison cell I was put into was so dirty that some of us were severely sick. It was like a toilet,“ said Sadiq Ahmed, a former teacher who went to Saudi Arabia five years ago and was detained for 11 days before his deportation.

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The Washington Post | 28.12.2017

By Sudarsan Raghavan

SABRATHA, Libya — For nearly two years, this ancient, beachfront city, famed for its Roman ruins, was one of North Africa’s largest smuggling hubs, a gateway for tens of thousands of migrants seeking better futures in Europe. Now, there are none on the beaches where hundreds of rickety boats once ferried them to Italy illegally, none in the migrant detention center where they ended up when an attempt failed.

At the five-star West Tallil Holiday resort, the white, two-story villas once housed as many as 3,000 migrants at a time waiting to set sail. Their traffickers, who had seized the hotel, had erected sand dunes along the beach to hide them from Libyan coast guard patrols and curious swimmers.

The resort is now empty, as are the smugglers’ other safe houses.

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Reuters | 28.12.2017

ROME (Reuters) – Italy aims to deploy up to 470 troops to Niger to help tackle people-smuggling, the military General Staff said on Thursday.

Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said on Sunday some of the 1,400 Italian troops now stationed in Iraq could be transferred to the Sahel region in West Africa – which includes Niger – after victories against Islamist militants in Iraq.

Gentiloni said the redeployed troops could also help to combat terrorism in the Sahel.

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