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Libya Observer | 02.02.2017

NATO Secretary General: We’re ready to place Libya under civilian control

The Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, said Wednesday that they are prepared to offer assistance for establishing a modern ministry of defense, a joint military staff, and security and intelligence services under civilian control, if requested by Libyan officials. In a joint presser with the Head of the UN-proposed government’s Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sirraj at the NATO premises in Brussels, Stolenberg added that the offer for Libya could be another successive model similar to those NATO conducted in Bosnia and Afghanistan.

“NATO stands ready to assist Libya in building effective security and defense institutions, strengthening your ability to fight terrorism and create conditions for peace.” Said Stolenberg.

On the other side, Al-Sirraj indicated that his government is willing to work with the NATO to help restore peace, security and stability in Libya.

“NATO is well-versed in the issues of military and security and it can influence our institutions after the recent division and fragmentation in Libya over the political stalemate. It also can build a united military body that would fight the joint enemy, terrorism.” Al-Sirraj explained.

Al-Sirraj did not rule out NATO’s assistance in the improvement of Libya’s military performance and the Navy, especially in terrorism and illegal immigration as well as smuggling.

“If requested, the Alliance could also support the efforts of the European Union to strengthen the Libyan Coast Guard and Navy.” Stolenberg remarked, while Al-Sirraj commented that the step is very likely to take place if a joint force with the Libyans was formed.

“Because NATO can develop the capabilities of the Libyan Navy,” Al-Sirraj concluded.

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