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Quelle: ASGI

Migrants in Greece are denied the rights to international protection and family unity. The visit to the camps in Idomeni and government-run camps, and a legal analysis of the situation we observed.

1. The Idomeni camp
1.1 Interviews with Syrian migrants
1.2 Interview with UNHCR in Idomeni about arrivals and photo-identification, the
suspended deportation document and legal information
1.3 Medical assistance in the Idomeni camp and interview with the MSF field
1.4 Unaccompanied foreign minors
2. Other self-managed camps around Idomeni, particularly Polikastro Eko Station
3. Militarised government-run camps – the Neokavala camp
3.1 The Katerini camp – Nireas Camping
3.2 The government-run Diavata military camp
4. The legal framework
4.1 On the information provided and the possibility of submitting an application for
international protection. Violation of art. 33 of the Geneva Convention, of the
Procedures Directive and of art. 3 of the ECHR
4.2 On the risk of suffering inhuman and degrading treatment. Violation of art. 3 of
the ECHR
4.3 On family reunification. Violation of the Dublin Regulation, art. 8 of the ECHR
and art. 7 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
4.4 On access to the relocation programme
4.5 New scenarios arising after the EU-Turkey agreement

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