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Since this morning, in Lampedusa many Erithreans are protesting one more time because they refuse to leave their fingerprints and thus to apply for asylum in Italy. We strongly support their protest, and we wish to opens a reflection on a few other issues:

  1. The regularization of the journeys and the possibility of travelling safely and to any destination.
  2. Once again we need to ask ourselves: why do these people have decided to leave their own countries? What is the role of the Western Governments in the destablization of entire geographical areas, in the weapons’ sale and production, in the historical robbery of resources in the “third world”?
  3. The third issue is related to Lampedusa: why this small island must be subject to such political, social and mediatic pression? Although Lampedusa has received medals and International award and it was even candidate for the Nobel Prize for Peace, it still has uninhabitable schools, a very precarious healthcare, a very expensive and difficult connection with the mainland, a wholly militarized territory and many more problems.

From the Martelli law and the construction of the reception center, Lampedusa has been chosen as the European Southern border and a military outpost. The migrant reception center has been the catalyst of this whole process, as well as a prison where profit is made upon people who escape from wars and exploitment.

Everybody know everything, even the mayor, the prefect and the ministers, but we continue with the farce of the “welcoming Lampedusa” and the humanitarian rethoric of those many organizations who make big profits from the “accoglienza business”. So far the migration issue has been functional to a war strategy in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Middle East: the migration management, either with its humanitarian or securitarian approach, has been critical to justify some war decisions.

We demand everyone to support our call. Here the list of our goals:

  1. the closure of the migrants’ reception center of Lampedusa (in any form, Hot Spot, Cpsa, Cie…)
  2. The possibility for everyone to travelling safely and to any destination
  3. The refusal of war by the Italian government
  4. The cessation of Italian weapons industry
  5. The demilitarization of the island of Lampedusa

We primarily address the Lampedusians and the Sicilians who share with us this issues, and we hope this call will also have a national and international diffusion

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