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Quelle: mideastwire.com

EU warns Algeria: ISIL threatening oil tankers in Mediterranean

On October 24, the independent El-Khabar newspaper carried the following report by its correspondent in Barcelona Muhammad Ben Ahmad: „A prominent security source revealed to El-Khabar that the European Union informed Algeria that maritime navigation was facing serious threats from the Libyan coasts, adding that „the European warning aimed to justify a decision to launch a military operation to monitor the southeastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.“ The Algerian oil and gas tankers crossing the eastern part of the Mediterranean are threatened with terrorist attacks from the Libyan shores, which is why Algeria decided to cooperate with an EU project to deter any possible terrorist threats coming from the Libyan shores and ports. And Western states warned Algeria about the possibility that the oil and gas tankers might be the object of maritime attacks from the Libyan shores.

„Accordingly, all the maritime navigation companies diverted their routes east of the Mediterranean, based on security reports warning against terrorist attacks that might target the ships from the Libyan shores, which are under the control of the Islamic State organization (ISIL). Last April, the EU states had voiced fears over this new type of „maritime terrorism“ and proposed a decision to launch military operations to deter illegal migration, featuring unannounced clauses surrounding the deterrence of maritime terrorism… And this military campaign, which a group of south European states have already started to implement, stipulates the interception of any suspicious boat, so that it is either searched or destroyed. This followed security reports that warned against the existence of plans by the Islamic State organization to strike commercial and civilian boats that come close to the Libyan shores.

„Our source said that the EU state leaders‘ meeting that was held in April to discuss the deterrence of the clandestine migration coming from Libya, decided to launch covert and public military operations to deter possible terrorist attacks that might be launched by the Islamic State organization from the coasts under its control. Also in that meeting, it was decided to cooperate with Libya’s neighboring states, i.e. Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia, to secure the maritime navigation routes. The military measures in question featured the sea and air monitoring of all the Libyan ports, even the small ones, round the clock, along with the monitoring of the maritime navigation routes off the Libyan coasts…“

El-Khabar, Algeria

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