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Since the war began in Syria, thousands of refugees have made the precarious journey through Turkey into Europe in search of safety. We follow the lives of two refugee families as they encounter people-smugglers, border guards and shocking conditions. They find themselves torn apart – not by the war back home – but by a new enemy: ‚Fortress Europe‘.

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Réseau Education Sans Frontières 13
06 31 32 48 65
61 rue Consolat 13001 Marseille

Ibrahima DIALO est LIBRE !
Faire la lumière sur cette tragédie et en tirer les conséquences.

Ibrahima DIALO, jeune Guinéen de 21 ans, a vu se noyer sous ses yeux son compagnon de route Mamadou SAYDOU dans le port de Marseille le 10 janvier après avoir sautés du cargo sur lequel ils étaient refoulés. Rescapé, Ibrahima n’a par contre pas échappé à l’enfermement dès sa sortie de l’eau… Il a finalement été libéré lundi 13 janvier. L’audience au TGI de mardi 14 janvier est donc annulée.
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Flimsy Boat Carrying 50 Immigrants Intercepted by Spanish Authorities

A team from Spain’s Maritime Rescue service intercepted Tuesday in the Alboran Sea, off the coast of the southern town of Motril, a flimsy boat with some 50 Sub-Saharan immigrants aboard.
The group included women and children.
The boat is being towed to Motril, Maritime Rescue officials told EFE.
The small boat was located some 57 miles south-southeast of that town, and according to preliminary reports, its occupants seem to be in good health.
Thousands of undocumented immigrants, mostly from the countries of North Africa, have tried to reach European territory in recent years through the Spanish coasts, both in the Canary Islands and in the south and east of the Iberian peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea.


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AFM turns down complaint on refusal to disclose Lampedusa rescue mission timeline

Armed Forces claims disclosure would affect international relations between Malta and Italy

The Armed Forces of Malta has turned down a complaint from MaltaToday on a Freedom of Information request it refused.

MaltaToday is demanding a detailed timeline of the rescue mission that took place on 11 October 2013, to establish how Italian and Maltese armed forces cooperated in the search and rescue mission after receiving a 1pm distress call by a boat carrying possibly over 400 asylum seekers and refugees.

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