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SOS Libya: Refugees in the Horn of Africa subjected to untold suffering
The plight of refugees in sub-Saharan Africa, and other such grave silence of the European community, the face of continued complaints of abuses and violations of fundamental rights, to the detriment of asylum seekers and refugees, which Europe does not want , let the dirty work, others do. Two years after the „revolution“ we contacted 2.352 deaths in 2011, in 2012 hundreds of other deaths in the Mediterranean, not to mention, all those who die in the desert, in prisons and detention centers, and the lives of those who survive in the 22 detention centers, prisons and other so Libyans, this is hell, to mention a few as an example:

Ala Lamayr: – there are about 200 people, originally from Eritrea and Ethiopia, this center should be managed by „Red Crescent“, however it seems that the head of the center was a Libyan intelligence agent, with armed men who do what they want, ill-treatment and abuse of all kinds, guests live in fear, are now being threatened by armed men, to the end of the Somalis sent to Sebha, accused of sick people, not like in the country. With a real danger of being deported to the country of origin, where they fled to seek refuge.

Ghanfuda: – 20 Eritreans, Ethiopians 10, from 7:00 to 8:00 months without any judgment, without being able to see any of humanitarian organizations, says the boy interviewed by us, „we are treated worse than animals, we’re closed for days without being able to see the light the sun, here we only see Libyan soldiers, no one cares about us, treated like criminals, without having committed any crime, help us to regain our dignity and freedom. Here we were with the Somalis, they’ve taken away, first in Ala Lamayr, yesterday all Somalis were taken away even from this last town to an unknown destination. “

Hums: – dozens of refugees and displaced Eritreans, Ethiopians and Somalis, captive, abused men, women and children live in fear every day. In this detention center near Tripoli, where they are brought hundreds of refugees and migrant workers, crammed into dirty rooms without adequate ventilation, dozens of people in inhumane conditions. The women have the worst are often victims of violence and sexual abuse, there are cases and detailed records, which clarify the serious violations of human and civil rights taking place in these centers detenzione.Qualche months ago, a girl from Eritrea, was raped by a group of soldiers on guard, then was thrown out of the detention center, unconscious, bleeding, unless by some miracle, after a known past covered with sand, in the morning through a Libyan woman became aware, listening to complaints of pain, she approached, the ride into town, where he could find compatriots who have called a Catholic nun, made the cure in the hospital. People live in fear, the military especially in the evening, have fun with crap weapons, the rooms that house the refugees, they are often drunk, they take one at random among the refugees, for no reason, is the beating, so have fun the military, when in rare cases, we visit the UNHCR and other NGOs, the military hides all weapons, including tasers, they often use for their enjoyment and to make sexual abuse of women.

Kuhefia: – Hundreds of people detained two of which are special cases, two women, one of them pregnant, the barking woman was pregnant at the fourth month, but when the gunmen, they have beaten in Ala Lamayr, for a day and a note was hung on an iron axis, lost the baby she was carrying, he lost a lot of blood, but it’s not even been taken to hospital, the head of the militia saw what happened, he preferred to hide each other, closing the woman inside a container, and then transfer the woman and her husband from the center of the „host“ of Ala Lamayr run by the Red Crescent, which has become a center of illegal detention, where did this beating in prison Kuhefia near the city of Benghazi.

Sebha: – One hundred and ten Somali Eritreans were forcibly deported from the center of Ala Lamayr in a detention center in Sebha, where they were stripped naked, stripped of everything of value they brought with them, including phones, Libyan TV last night spoke of them as sick people, the country is expelled from its territory, the danger that these people are abandoned to the south in the Libyan desert, risking to die of hunger and thirst.

All this suffering inflicted on these people, in the name and to protect the Fortress Europe, a Europe that has sought protection of its coastline, the „invasion“ of refugees and migrants. Agreements between European countries with the riparian countries to the south of the Mediterranean, on immigration, has shown its worst face in Libya, since the time of the previous regime, now fallen, but the regime has changed, but not the practice of ill-treatment , abuse, violence, torture for the purpose of entertainment of armed men, refugees used as free labor, ie „slaves,“ says the market for mercenaries, who pays can be released from detention, but in a few weeks, he finds himself locked up in other centers, where will suffer inhuman living conditions. In all this, the European Community has a huge responsibility, has on his „conscience“ the many who died under torture, abuse and violence, and all the human rights violations that occur on the skin of these
poor, in need of protection, it is the responsibility also the European Union, because all of this is the result of externalization of European borders, to protect the Fortress Europe, we prefer to close their eyes and ears, not to see and not to hear the desperate cries, women raped by policemen and militiamen Libyans, in many centers and Libyan jails, which also receive funding from European countries. The European complicity in all of this is in his silence, were presented detailed reports on the serious situation of asylum seekers and refugees in Libya, the bilateral agreements of certain European countries more or less facts in the light of the sun, while others have remained under the table, have caused much suffering and death to thousands of PEOPLE, and continue to claim victims.
We ask that the European Parliament to take into serious consideration the serious situation of detention and Libyan prisons, where they are imprisoned, hundreds of refugees and displaced persons in sub-Saharan Africa, and the many violations and abuses they committed, L ‚ Europe to intervene, ask the Libyan regime, respect for human rights of these people, the role of UNHCR should be strengthened. The European community offers a solution to the refugees in need of international protection, using the tool of re settlement program, or giving the chance that you may submit a request for asylum in embassies, for those who are the most exposed to the dangers of war and feuds, are evacuated to safe places and protected.

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