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The Libya Observer | 11.03.2018

Spanish Proactivia Open Arms said it had rescued a Libyan 14-year-old boy with his two older siblings en route to Italy.

The Spanish humanitarian organization said on Twitter that the rescue of the Libyans took place off Italian shores.

„The two older brothers had on them 200 liters of fuel so they made sure they arrived to Italian shores so they can take their little brother who has Leukemia (blood cancer) to European hospitals.“ Proactivia Open Arms said.

AFP also reported that the three brothers were rescued Saturday after sailing from Libya to Italy for seven hours on a dinghy.

Mohammed – 31 – said he sailed with his brothers Ahmed – 23 – and Abdullah – 14 – Friday night from Garabulli and later the engine broke down before being saved by Proactivia Open Arms.

Italian media outlets sympathized with the story of the brothers and featured it on different programs and news.

This is the second time a Libyan national tries to take a family member on a dinghy to Italy for medical treatment.

In June 2016, Sajida Al-Shaybi – three years old – was put on a boat by her father and off they sailed to Italy for treatment as she suffered from aplastic anemia and as he lost hope that she could be treated in Libya where there is lack of medical equipment and medications.

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