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TUNISI – Le madri tunisine che non hanno più notizie dei propri figli, ufficialmente dispersi in mare al largo delle coste italiane, con il sostegno della Lega tunisina della difesa dei Diritti dell’Uomo (Ltdh), hanno annunciato la creazione di un’associazione chiamata “Madri dei dispersi“.

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30. September 2016 · Kommentare deaktiviert für New legislation in Egypt toughens penalties on ‎migrant traffickers · Kategorien: Ägypten, Mittelmeerroute

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Three parliamentary committees approved in an ‎urgent meeting on Tuesday night legislation ‎aimed at stemming the tide of illegal migration.

‎The meeting, which comes a few days after a ‎migrant boat capsized off Egypt’s Mediterranean ‎coast, was headed by chairman of the Legislative ‎and Constitutional Affairs Committee Bahaaeddin ‎Abu Shoqa. It also included members of the ‎human rights and budget committees.‎

The meeting also came after President ‎Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi held an urgent national ‎security meeting on Saturday to discuss the ‎possibility of issuing a unified law aimed at ‎toughening penalties for those involved in human trafficking and illegal migration operations.‎

On 21 September, the migrant boat, which was ‎carrying between 450 and 500 migrants, ‎sunk as it sailed for Italy from Egypt’s Mediterranean port city of ‎Rosetta.

The death toll ‎from the accident reached 195 on Tuesday. ‎

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30. September 2016 · Kommentare deaktiviert für AUGUST 2016: A non-exhaustive summary of passages, deaths or disappeared and of border repression between Morocco and Spain · Kategorien: Marokko, Mittelmeer, Spanien

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Despite the reinforcement of the militarisation of the borders between Morocco and Spain a lot of people manage to sneak through. After information from mainly mainstream media 876 migrants passed the borders, 16 were declared missing and some boats got intercepted by the moroccan Marine.

Associations in northern Morocco claim the constant and intense raids and arrests that still take place in the cities and forests in the north. A new, quite worrying incident happened in Spain, the 30th of august 52 migrants who arrived at Malaga have been taken straight to the police station after their arrival without getting medical assistance by the red cross. This was denounced by entrefronteras.