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Protesters shout down SYRIZA MP

Local residents of Chios have burst into the city hall, while others gathered outside the building demanding the removal of the refugees and illegal immigrants from the island, Wednesday night.

The Chios council had convened a meeting on the refugee crisis earlier Wednesday, April 6, when the meeting was abruptly interrupted by angered citizens who charged into the building to protest against the ongoing situation with the refugees and illegal immigrants on the island. Members of solidarity groups also gathered at the city hall and faced off against the other group. From the skirmishes that broke out 2 people were injured, while 3 TV operators of state broadcaster ERT were attacked.

The president of the meeting Klearchos Xrysis was forced to stop the proceedings, as the situation between the two opposing factions outside the building and in the entrance hall was getting out of hand. In a very tense and disorderly atmosphere SYRIZA MP Andreas Michailidis tabled the government’s proposals, but was shouted down by the gathered crowd, before finally managing to put forward the suggestion that involved transporting some of the migrants to a hotspot in Leros with a Tera Jet. Opposition MP from ND Notis Mitarakis said the government had shown incompetence and called on the state to protect the citizens of the island. After the meeting was forcibly adjourned the citizens marched towards the island’s port, where large police forces have been deployed.

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