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Quelle: The Guardian

Travellers sceptical over Facebook ad for alternative passage to EU avoiding Greece after scams and ‘ghost ship’ perils

Turkey-based smugglers have begun to re-advertise trips between Turkey and Italy, in the first hint of a shift in migration patterns since the EU agreed a deal to deport any refugees landing in Greece.

In an advert on Facebook, smugglers claimed that the first boat to Italy would leave this weekend from the port of Mersin. They offered places for $4,000 (£2,780) per person, four times the cost of a journey from Turkey to Greece.

“The trip is on Saturday, from Mersin to Italy, on a merchant ship 110 metres long, equipped with food, water, life jackets and medicine,” the post read, accompanied by photographs of a cargo ship.

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Quelle: ANSA med

(ANSAmed) – ROME, MARCH 30 – The humanitarian NGO Emergency is providing healthcare assistance to approximately 800 migrants that have disembarked in the Sicilian town of Augusta from the Italian Navy’s ‚Aliseo‘ vessel. Over 1,500 migrants have arrived in the past 24 hours. “The numbers seen in these days confirm that there has been a significant resumption of the central Mediterranean migration route,“ the NGO’s cultural mediator Khalid told ANSA. He said that he had been especially touched by the story of the numerous families that disembarked on Tuesday in Pozzallo.

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Collection on relevant news: Week #14/2016 (31.3.2016)

In any case check Twitter #RefugeesGr & #Idomeni. 

Aegean Sea, Islands & Turkey:

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Quelle: Independent

Allegations demonstrate a shift in Turkey’s attitude towards Syrian refugees

Will Worley

Turkish security forces have shot dead refugees escaping from the Syrian conflict, according to reports.

UK-based monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights alleged 16 people seeking sanctuary in Turkey have been shot over the past four months.

They said those killed included three children.

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