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No Border Serbia | 24.12.2017

Serbian government announced to send back a Kurdish man from Turkey that has claimed asylum in Serbia. He has been in the country since October 2016, escaping a 15-year long prison sentence in Turkey as a political prisoner. He says that the guilt plea that was the base for his conviction came off under torture. While waiting for his asylum process to be completed he was detained in Serbia for more than a year. Currently he is in a foreigner part of Padinska Skela- prison near Belgrade, even though he is supposed to be placed in the open institution for asylum seekers Banja Koviljača.

On 12 of December the UN Comitee against torture wrote a letter to the ministry of justice, demanding a stop of the extradition process. Two days later the appeal against his extradition was rejected. The minister of justice Nela Kuburović claims the letter of the UN came too late and that C.A was „(…)only arrested here.“ (1) She doesn’t mention the asylum claim. C.A’s lawyer Ana Trkulja was not even informed about the planned extradition of her client, not speaking about the inability of the court to have adequate translations of documents from turkish regarding C.A’s case.

Erdoğans neo-imperialist ambitions in the Balkans suits also far right-capitalist president Vučić. He is counting on money coming from Turkey in form of investments, turists and others. AKP and Vučićs gang work together not only regarding free-trade agreements, investment of turkish companies in serbia – so called development – but also in the sense of repression against people critical of the state. A ridiculous sign of this cooperation was an exhibition of pictures on Kalamegdan (one of the central parks in Belgrade) last summer , that showed pure fascist leading-propaganda of how „the turkish people“ together with its police and military defeated the military coup.

The extradition of C.A has to be stopped immediately! Freedom for C.A and all hostages of the state!

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