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We need Ferries and safe ways to travel – not Frontex and the EU-Turkey-deal.

  • Sunday, 23rd of October 2016 in Korakas
  • Monday, 24th of October 2016 in Thermi
  • Meeting place and time will be chosen together with the local friends soon.


The dying in the Sea did not stop. The murderous visa-regime of the EU still exists. Safe ways to travel, with the ferry-boat from Dikili or Ayvalik to Mytilene are still unreachable for all those who have no papers and are fleeing from war, violence and leave for a more dignified life. Still about 100 people every day, men, women and children, arrive on the shores of Lesvos after having risked their lives in unseaworthy small boats. Commemorating the dead of this border is also a denouncement of these murderous policies and practices. Those commemorated are not the victims of a natural catastrophe; they are the dead of a border regime for which the EU-government are politically responsible. Simply said: if it had been possible for them to buy a ferry ticket and to move wherever they wanted and needed to, they would certainly be still alive.

Still we have to commemorate and mourn. Again and again. This year we want to return and remember in Korakas and in Thermi.

In 2009 at a secluded ledge in Korakas, along the northern coast of the Greek island of Lesvos, two mothers and five children died. Of the children on the boat one infant was rescued by a fisherman who jumped into the water and came to its rescue. Also both parents survived the tragedy. Together with this family and the fisherman who rescued them we discussed our plan to erect a commemorative plaque at the place of the shipwreck. The fishermen became famous, among other citizens of Lesvos they were even nominated for the Peace Nobel Price. Stratis Valamios from Skala Sikamenias commented the nomination in simple words: “When they give the Nobel, bombs will still fall and people will still get killed.” The plaque is now more then 6 years in sun and wind and salt and we want to keep the memory alive. So we will return.

In August 2013 and 2014 we gathered in Thermi to commemorate the dead of the European border regime. Both times relatives of drowned and missing prepared the memorial together with us and young friends who had come by boat to Europe years ago prepared the ceremony together. In 2013 three friends came from Athens to commemorate their relatives, including four little children who drowned in 2013. In 2014 a young man was with us who came from France to search for his missing brother. The place for the memorial was chosen by the local fishermen in Thermi.

Besides sadness many of us feel anger which strives for radical changes.

This is what we say in every commemoration in Greece: We will never forget. Facing this sorrow, the only possible promise is that we will try our best to overcome this murderous border regime and to tear down its deadly borders.

Everbody is welcome to commemorate together with us.

  • All of us who mourn and cannot forget.
  • All of us who have done their best to overcome this murderous borders.
  • All of us who don’t want to forget.

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