22. August 2016 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Romania Boosts Security at Border with Serbia to Prevent Crossing by Migrants · Kategorien: Rumänien, Serbien

Quelle: Novinite

Romania’s Interior Ministry has stepped up security measures on the border with Serbia to thwart attempts of irregular migrants to enter, news agencies reported on Friday.

„Two groups of migrants, comprising six and 12 people respectively, attempted to illegally cross the Romanian border from Serbia to go to Hungary this week,” TASS quoted a Romanian Interior Ministry spokesman as saying.

Following a risk analysis, the Romanian authorities have decided to increase border security to prevent the creation of a new stable migration route.

The spokesman added that the Interior Ministry has deployed a helicopter equipped with thermal imaging cameras, which suppor the joint gendarmerie and border police patrols.

– See more at: http://www.novinite.com/articles/175953/Romania+Boosts+Security+at+Border+with+Serbia+to+Prevent+Crossing+by+Migrants#sthash.nDT4SY5S.dpuf

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