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Ships rush to rescue thousands of migrants stranded in Mediterranean

By Greg Botelho and Lucy Pawle, CNN

  • Italian, German, U.K. and Irish ships also involved in the massive migrant rescue operation
  • U.N. spokesman: Weather is good and no accidents or deaths have been reported
  • Aid worker says some boats had about 560 people packed in them

(CNN) European naval ships rushed Saturday across the Mediterranean toward Libya to try to help thousands of migrants stranded at sea, the latest evidence of Europe’s alarming immigration crisis.

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Britischer Verteidigungsminister auf Kriegsschiff vor Libyen, 14 Flüchtlingsboote in Seenot

Quelle: Sky News

Naval Ships In Urgent Migrant Rescue Mission

HMS Bulwark is travelling towards Libya amid reports up to 14 vessels carrying migrants are stranded in the Mediterranean.

By Alistair Bunkall, Defence Correspondent, on HMS Bulwark

HMS Bulwark is sailing towards Libya at top speed to take part in an operation to save thousands of migrants stranded at sea.

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Quelle: WorldNews

Le Eithne rescues 113 migrants north of Libya

At 5pm today, the Le Eithne successfully located and rescued a small craft with 113 persons on board that was in distress 40 km north of Tripoli, Libya.a Acting on information received from the Italian Marine Rescue Coordination Centre, a rubber inflatable craft was located within the area being patrolled by the Le Eithne. Rescue operations and transfer of migrants began at 5 pm and were completed by 8pm, a total of 113 men, women and children were rescued by the Le Eithne and transferred to an Italian ship for onward passage to a port of safety.