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Protesters in Santiago de Compostela steal a Christmas King

Santiago De Compostela – A couple of days ago, a life-size figure of King Balthazar, one of the Three Kings of the nativity scene in Santiago de Compostela, disappeared. The hostage has now returned bearing a sign, protesting the use of razor wire on the Spain/Morocco border.

Santiago de Compostela is famous for being hit by protesters at this time of year. Last year, officials had to install security cameras in the Plaza del Obradoiro for that very reason.

They hoped to prevent thefts from the nativity scene, following the disappearance of the infant Jesus last year in a demonstration against the home evictions so prevalent in Spain these last few years.

In the case of Jesus, he was eventually found, „sleeping“ in a cozy spot next to an ATM in a bank foyer. The sign found with Jesus read, “like so many other anonymous citizens,” and the anti-eviction collective, Fartas, took responsibility for the incident.

According to El Pais (Spanish language), local Security Councillor Luis Bello last year thanked Santiago citizens for their cooperation in ensuring that this kind of incident not be repeated.

Despite his security cameras, and pleas to the local residents, officials were upset as, yet again, a mysterious theft occurred, and King Balthazar disappeared from his spot in the nativity scene on Friday.

According to El Mundo (in Spanish) a local citizen called in to say that he had found the king, standing outside the front door of the offices of the General Secretariat for Emigration. In his Royal Majesty’s case, he wore a sign denouncing the controversial razor wire installations currently in place on the border between Morocco and Spain’s North African enclave of Melilla.

Many commentators have denounced the barbaric fencing as they claim it causes terrible wounds to desperate migrants trying to access Spain’s territory.

At least the King is back in his allotted place and we just have to wonder which character will disappear next Christmas. In the meantime, security personnel are scanning through the security video footage to try and establish who did the dastardly deed.

Nativity scene in Santiago de Compostela Spain

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