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Mali: Kidal partagée sur la signature de l’accord entre Bamako et le MNLA – Mali – RFI.

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Adrien Tomarchio: Venir à bout de la faim au Sahel: le défi de la résilience.

23. Juni 2013 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Nord-Mali: Reportage aus Gao · Kategorien: Mali

Mali : il reste à gagner la paix ou à s’ensabler – France-Monde – www.lavoixdunord.fr.

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„A young Liberian refugee arrives in Italy, where he is left to fend for himself and winds up homeless in a filthy slum. When he flees to Germany, the government there invokes EU asylum law and sends him back. It is a cycle of degradation faced by thousands of African refugees living in Europe today.The first time around, he ended up on the street in Hamburg, and the second time he was sent to prison. Now Sekou Kone lives in a hut made of trash and is trying to figure out how to make it to Germany a third time.ANZEIGEFlies circle around the bowl of rice in his hand. The stench of urine and rotten fish drifts in through the doorway. Empty cans, tires and debris litter the ground outside, where children walk along trails in the muck. The inhabitants of this settlement in the fields of Apulia, a four-hour drive southeast of Rome, call it „The Ghetto.“ They also call it „New Mogadishu,“ after the lawless capital of Somalia, where life is worth about as much as a bullet. „The Ghetto,“ says Kone, a refugee from Liberia, „is worse than any slum in Africa.“ But where else can he go? His parents are dead, he says. He was a child when he left Liberia in 1991. […]“

via EU Refugees: The Plight of African Migrants Living in Apulia Italy – SPIEGEL ONLINE.