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Quelle: Libyan Express

The European Union is preparing to kick off the training program it aimed at Libya’s Coast Guard personnel.

The EU announced that the training is going to be launched on October 24.

Sources from the EU said the first phase of the training program will be located off the shores and will include 80 Libyan Coast Guard personnel.

They added that the program’s first phase will take three months and two weeks all aiming at boosting the capabilities of the trainees.

The second phase, the sources added, will be launched in December and will include 500 to 600 Libyan coastguards with possibility to hold training sessions in Greece and Malta.

The whole EU training program aims at enabling the Libyan Coast Guard and Libyan Navy to secure the Libyan territorial waters by next May.

It also aims at making the Libyan Coast Guard personnel able to help in the rescue processes in the Mediterranean and off the Libyan coast.

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