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Today (Mon. 26/9/2016) people from Alarm Phone dropped banners and handed out flyers for freedom of movement onboard the high-speed ferry between Tangier (Morocco) and Tarifa (Spain). In Tarifa port the ferry was welcomed by activists who set up a Ferries not Frontex sail on their yacht, while waving banners. At the same time, the “Salvamar Alkaid” rescue vessel of the Spanish coastguard arrived at Tarifa`s port and expressed sympathy with the activists, raising their thumbs.


The “Salvamar Alkaid” had just rescued at least nine people making the exact same journey as the high-speed ferry, in a far more dangerous way. Because of the EU visa regime most people are not allowed to take a ferry but are forced to risk their lives on small rubber boats. This time the travelers on the rubber boat made BOZA to Spain, which means they succeeded to enter Spain without being pushed back! In this region of the Mediterranean it is a rare moment when Alarm Phone activists can directly greet people arriving to land with banners and shouts of support. The same morning, the Alarm Phone was engaged with another Western Med case; unfortunately this boat did not make Boza today.

The Ferries Not Frontex action engaged passengers and crew in conversations about the Mediterranean as one of the most deadly and militarized borders in the world, receiving a lot of interest and positive feedback, especially from people from Morocco.

We demand Ferries for all. We demand papers for all or no papers at all.

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