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They are looking for 4 missing people and have saved 16 say the greek media

One of the missing is a 2 year old little girl. In the artikel one of the survivors said that the facilitator who had forced them by gun to embark the small boat, forbid them later to put on a rescue light and call on the fone for help when the boat was full of water …

We are trying to get more information by getting in contact with the survivors.

The boat was a small fiber glass boat (usually these boats are for 4-5 people max) that was not in good conditon Some of the survivors claimed that they didnt want to get in the boat but they were forced to do so by the smaglers. Very soon while they were still in Turkish sea waters the engine of the boat stopped and water started to come in. They tried to take the water out (probably they tried to call for help) but in one point the boat captisized and people fell in the sea.

According to the coast guard there was nobody in the small cabine of the boat. One man from Uzbekistan was arrested as trafficker and the authorities interogate him.

The missing refugees are now 4 after one man was found alive last morning. Three men and a little girl from Syria. All the information we have got is from prople who have visited them and from the authorities. Most of the 16 survivors are in Moria detention camp since last morning. Three of them are still in the hospital suffering mainly by hypothermia. The survivor who was found yesterday around noon is still in Plomari waiting to be transfered to Mytilini today The mother of the little girl who is missing is in Moria detention camp. All of them are Syrians.

UNHCR asked the police to released the survivors and trandfere them to PIKPA but still no answer. Red Cross international visited the survivors and gave them telephone cards to contact their families.

According to the coast guard, the rescue operation will go on for another 48 hours. Last nignt the coast guard announced thet they will be searching during the night using thermo cameras. Unfortunately our experience from search and rescuing operation is not the best so we are still questioning the authorities for more information on this operation.

We keep you informed with all the information we will manage to get, Unfortunately after the tragic ship reck relatives have to face not only the deep griff and mourning. There are many aspects of the procedure that the relatives and survivors have to get through alone

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