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Assassination attempt on Navy Chief of Staff

By Libya Herald staff.

There was an attempt on the life of Navy Chief of Staff, Commodore Hassan Boushnak, yesterday. He was on his way to his office Wednesday morning when he was attacked by a group of men in a black Toyota SUV.

“Yesterday, while the [Navy] Chief of Staff was on his way to work, a black car with tinted widows began to follow him and men inside just started shooting,” Navy spokesperson, Ayoub Omar Qassem, told the Libya Herald. A stream of bullets hit the car. “The driver and the two guards were injured during the shooting, but luckily survived with minor injuries,” added Qassem.

Boushnak survived the attack with a minor injury and was able to resume his duties today. “Apparently, a small fragment of a bullet or shattered glass injured the back of his head, but it was not serious,” Qassem explained.

It also is reported there was a similar attempt shortly afterwards to kill Colonel Mohamed Al-Suwisi, head of Tripoli National Security Directorate. He too was shot at while travelling to work. Both men had earlier declared their support for Khalifa Hafter’s so-called “Dignity Operation” against militias in Benghazi.

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