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US positions forces in Sicily over Libya security fears

The Pentagon said on Wednesday it has temporarily moved nearly 200 Marines to Sicily from their base in Spain as a precaution due to concerns about unrest in North Africa, bolstering the US ability to respond to any crisis.

The Pentagon declined to single out any countries but two US officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said American concerns were centered squarely on Libya, where armed groups and Islamists refused to disarm after the 2011 ouster of Muammar Gaddafi.

The Marines are part of a crisis response unit focused on embassy security created after the attack on the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012, which killed US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. That force is meant to speed US response times in north and west Africa.

“We’re doing this as a contingency because we believe that the security situation in North Africa is deteriorating to a point where there could be threats,” said Colonel Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman.

Warren did not elaborate. The two US officials, however, told Reuters the move followed widespread concerns about deteriorating security in Libya, as opposed to specific information about an imminent attack.

The Pentagon has in recent months made similar, temporary moves of Marines from the Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force-Crisis Response, who are mostly based in Spain but also have a contingent stationed in Romania.

Last October, about 200 Marines from the task force also flew to Naval Air Station Sigonella in Sicily for several weeks after US special operations forces captured a senior al Qaeda figure in Libya, triggering unrest.

Three years after the NATO-backed overthrow of Gaddafi, Libya is gripped by political turmoil that has left the government struggling to assert its authority over armed groups and Islamists.

Libya’s oil infrastructure remains the target of protests and shutdowns, usually by brigades of former rebels who refuse to recognize the state’s authority. Last month, gunmen stormed Libya’s parliament.

Earlier on Wednesday, Libyan soldiers in charge of securing the prime minister’s office blocked cars from leaving the building in protest at not having been paid.

Warren said the Pentagon’s decision to move the forces, along with six aircraft, followed a request from the US State Department.

Warren stressed that while the Marines were “unquestionably” focused on the protection of embassies, he did not rule out the possibility they could be called upon for a different mission.

“These are United States Marines capable of conducting any mission given to them. That said, the focus of this force is the protection of embassies and US personnel,” Warren said.

The Benghazi attack has become deeply politicized in Washington, with Republicans accusing President Barack Obama’s administration of doing too little to repel the attacks and then trying to protect Obama from political fallout. Reuters

via The Rainbow – US positions forces in Sicily over Libya security fears

US troops deploy to Italy due to Libya threat

The US military has moved a team of marines from Spain to southern Italy as a precautionary step in case the US embassy in Libya comes under threat, officials said Wednesday.

The contingent of nearly 200 marines is part of a newly-created „crisis response“ force set up in the wake of a deadly attack on a US diplomatic outpost in the Libyan city of Benghazi in 2012.

The State Department has requested the move amid growing concerns over violence in Libya, but there was no imminent plan to evacuate the embassy in Tripoli, an administration official said.

„We’re seeing a deterioration of the security situation there,“ the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told AFP.

The team, equipped with four tilt-rotor Osprey aircraft as well as two KC-130 refueling tankers, arrived at the US naval air station in Sigonella in Italy on Tuesday, Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steven Warren told reporters.

The deployment was ordered as a „prudent measure“ due to „the general unrest in Northern Africa,“ Warren said.

He declined to say if the move was focused on a particular country.

The US troops were drawn from a force in Moron, Spain, the Marine Air-Ground Task Force Crisis Response unit. The force helped evacuate staff from the US embassy in South Sudan last year.

Libya’s central government has struggled to assert its authority over the vast, mostly desert country, which is effectively ruled by a patchwork of local militias and awash with weapons.

In March, the authorities acknowledged for the first time the existence of „terrorist groups“ in Libya, particularly in Benghazi and in Derna, an eastern city with a history of Islamist militancy.

via US troops deploy to Italy due to Libya threat – The Local

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