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40 African migrants found drowned by Coast Guard

By Farah Waleed

The Libyan Coast Guard has rescued 51 migrants heading to Europe whose boat sank yesterday.  The bodies of 40 others have been recovered so far.

The migrants, from Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana and Mali, had set sail from Garabulli, east of Tripoli, two days ago, the Coast Guard said. The boat had capsized less than five kilometres offshore, it is thought because of overcrowding.  Survivors said that there were some 130 on board.

A search for the other 40 is continuing.

Libya is the main point of departure for tens of thousands of illegal migrants, from Africa as well as Asia, seeking a better future in Europe. It is estimated that well over a thousand leave each day, reportedly paying about $1,000 each for the trip. It is alleged that even local officials in some ports are involved in the racket.

Libya has tried to crack down on illegal migration but stemming the flow is beyond its capabilities in the present situation.

At least 24 Libya migrants drowned in Mediterranean capsizing

Bodies found by Libyan officials after boat carrying 130 to Europe capsizes, with fears death toll could rise

A boat carrying migrants, including men, women and children, off the coast of Libya

By Agencies

At least 24 migrants have died attempting to reach Europe after a boat carrying 130 capsized off the coast of Libya.

Libyan officials said the bodies were found yesterday after the bottom of the small boat collapsed, causing it to capsize at al-Qarbouli, 30 miles east of Tripoli. Fifty-two people, mostly Africans, were immediately rescued, but at least 54 remain missing.

There were fears the death toll could be higher still after a separate government statement said a further 40 bodies had washed ashore since the capsizing.

Libya has become a major transit point for tens of thousands of migrants trying to reach Europe in rickety, crowded boats each year. Cities along the country’s 1,000-mile, largely unpatrolled Mediterranean coastline have become collection points where Africans mass, seeking boats to take them the roughly 200 miles to Malta or Lampedusa.

Edited by Andrew Marszal

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